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What if we told you there was one magic place where you could mingle with Cleopatra, hang out with the Three Stooges, uncover the truth about the Loch Ness Monster, and play basketball with a bunch of bulls?

Sound a little too make-believe? Well, it's not. In fact, it's very, very real.

Welcome to Slots of Vegas, home of the best slot games the world has to offer. And not just the online world. Our collection of online slot machines rivals what you'd find at any of the big Las Vegas casinos.

  • T-Rex

    Real Series Video Slots - Ferocious Rewards - Free Games

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    It's time go back in time to where dinosaurs ruled the earth. Come and explore this ancient land where huge reptiles roamed the earth and active volcanoes would illuminate the sky each night.

    Redeem Bonus Code: TREX250

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  • Builder Beaver

    Real Series Video Slots - 30,000x Payouts - Two Jackpots

    Total Jackpot: $1,157.67

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    Builder Beaver

    This river is full of amazing prizes and these hardworking beavers are going to make sure you get your share! Break the dam and take the big prize home with Builder Beaver slots!

    Redeem Bonus Code: BBEAVER250

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  • Triple 7 Inferno

    Three Reel Classics - Hot Rewards - 777 Jackpot

    Total Jackpot: $5,000.45

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    Triple 7 Inferno

    Incendiary prizes and dynamic gameplay action make Triple 7 Inferno a must for slot machine enthusiasts. Sevens and thematic logos spin at your command to unveil a progressive jackpot and added features.

    Redeem Bonus Code: TRIP7INF250

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  • Loch Ness Loot

    Real Series Video Slots - Two Jackpots - Surprise Rewards

    Total Jackpot: $2,880.60

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    Loch Ness Loot

    The mythical sea creature has gone nearly a century without being captured. That’s about to change.

    Redeem Bonus Code: LOCHNESS250

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  • Achilles

    Real Series Video Slots - Roman Theme - Easy Play Bonus

    Total Jackpot: $1,880.57

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    Achilles and his soldiers are marching into battle to fight against the Trojans to defend and protect their beautiful Helen. Join Achilles army and enjoy the spoils of war!

    Redeem Bonus Code: ACHI250

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Get Access to Over 80 Different Slot Games in Just a Few Seconds

No matter what you're in the mood for, we've got games that are designed specifically for you. That's because we listen to our large community of casino players to find out what they want out of their slot games. Then, we work with our software company to create the game that you want to play.

This is More Than Match Three Symbols and Win

If you think playing slot games involves lining up three symbols on one payline, think again. Sure, we've got the 3-reel classics. But we've also got 5-reel games and slot machines with dozens and dozens of paylines to give you more opportunity to win.

And sometimes, winning at slot games happens when you least expect it. Many of our online slot machines include progressive jackpots that never stop growing until someone pops one.

You'll also find plenty of games with built-in bonus games, prize multipliers, and other goodies to help you win more often.

Play Online Slots for Free

With 80 games to choose from, it's not easy figuring out where to start. So we recommend playing them all. Worried about spending your bankroll? Don't be. You can play free slot games online without having to spend any real money. While you won't win real money if you choose to play free slots, the excitement level is still massive.

Play for real and score a big bonus

When you're ready to dive into the real-money games, we'll give you a sign-up bonus that could be worth thousands in free cash. You'll also score a $300 Free Chip when you enter coupon code FREE300.

To get started, just download our free software. We'll walk you through the install process and get you to the slots in no time!

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