Why is this new craps strategy worth a try


Turning around any house advantage is the goal of any casino game table strategy. Of course, that goes is simply impossible. Instead, any strategy you attempt to employ is to simply give you a better chance than if you simply played randomly. With a game like craps, you are trying to adhere to a discipline that limits your exposure to losing propositions. In fact, many methods will require you to play less rolls, opting to be more surgical with your money at risk.

With a strategy like a system called the 5 Count Method, the entire method is predicated the on the idea that you should get behind a hot shooter, and only place your money at risk after they have been identified. Even so, you aren’t blindly following the shooter, but rather waiting until they have statistically established themselves as “hot” and then, and only then, would you start to bet them.


The 5 Count system is easy enough to follow. Start to keep a running count in your head as soon as a new shooter gets the dice. If they are able to roll a point number on their come-out roll, then you start counting. That first roll will be given the value of one. If they fail to roll a point, then you don’t start counting. Once they come-out, you will start to count. Their next three rolls will be called their 2-count, 3-count, and 4-count, respectively.

Once the shooter gets to the 4-count, you will put them into a holding pattern. If their next roll is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then that would be their 5-count. If the roll is any other number, then they would stay at a 4-count. Once the 5-count is made, you can start to place your bets.


There are many benefits to this system. First and foremost, you limit the amount of money you have in play. This is an effective strategy when you are playing any game that has an inherent house advantage. The less you play, the less you lose. In addition, you are only playing hot or streaky shooter, which again puts you in a great position to earn maximum profits. Finally, the more time you spend at a table, the more likely you are to earn comps. Not every shooter will make it to a 5-count, therefore you won’t be betting on each shooter. Nonetheless, your presence implies that you are.

The best laid plans even can go array from time to time. It is important to understand that if a system worked all of the time, then everyone would use it and no casino would offer that game anymore. Just remember to stay focused and discipline, and stick to your game plan. Doing so should put you in a position to profit no matter which game you are playing. When it comes to craps, just remember, get behind the hot shooter.

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