$1000 FREE CHIP For The Best Poem About Your Favorite Game

Valentine’s Day is coming and at Slot of Vegas we are getting romantic and we want all of you to join us. It’s the perfect time of the year to get cheezy, to write love songs or burn love CD’s, create playlists or propose. In other words, we are going to make sure that we celebrate your love story. That’s right! Your love story with your favorite casino game.

We invite all of you to join this great contest where you will write a love poem for your favorite casino game and not only will your poem be posted on our social media sites, but you will also earn a $1000 FREE CHIP! Check out the guidelines:

How to participate


  • To participate, post your love poem about your favorite Slots of Vegas game below this article as a comment.
  • You must include your username in the comment and your account must be an active depositing account.
  • The poem can be as short or as long as you want.
  • The deadline to submit your poem is February 13th at 11:59pm.
  • The winner and special mentions will be announced on Saint Valentine’s Day.

The winner will be chosen by Slots of Vegas team and will receive a $1000 FREE CHIP!*

Two runner ups will get a $500 Free Chip Each.*


For inspiration, here’s a little piece of a poem I found in the web and it was written by Alsius. This is just a nice example of how much you can be inspired by your favorite game!


‘Cause I was thinking of trying my hand at the blackjack table,

Because having you makes me feel like the luckiest man alive.

Baby, I’m gonna try to win it all at the blackjack table;

Maybe I can get you something nice.


So…what do you say? Are you ready to show your love for your favorite game in public?

Free Chip details will be posted on Facebook! Remember to Like our page!

Good luck, everyone!

Jeff D. Wilhoite

Jeff Wilhoite is a California based writer, but most of all, he is a dedicated casino player. With years of experience, he is the man to go when looking for spot on advice when it comes to casino games.

  • Cheryl Godfrey

    Slots of Vegas has a game, putting all the rest to shame. Golden Lotus is such fun it puts the others on the run. Whirling reels with gold and white that match to bring the bonus life. A lotus pond for matching gold and free spins that white flowers hold. Time I pass into the night is spent in joy spinning lotus flight. godfrey2

  • Deborah Wright

    OH Slots of Vegas , can’t you see ? Return of the Rudolph is the game for me… with its huge jackpot and a gleam in my eye , I profess my love for that sneaky guy… RUDOLPH you’re MINE !!! Won’t you be my VALENTINE ??? rapunzel2

  • Julie Sanchez

    White Rhino is my safari. I know I’ll never be sorry. Play for fun or until you see the sun. Keep on playing, I’m definitely staying. When I see the bonus drop, I never want it to stop. My dream it to win the jackpot!!! JCSanc

  • Deborah Poplin

    Off to Vegas I go with my Wooden Boy.
    The way you dangle on the screen makes me want to scream.
    And when the fairies stop in I’m in the dream,
    Of SOV, Wooden Boy and me, nilpop21

  • Linda Iadonisi

    You make me happy – you make me sad – at times you even make me mad. But I have faith that you’ll come through. LION’S LAIR – I LOVE YOU!!! iadonisi

  • Cynthia Carroll

    Honey to the Bee how I love thee. The free spins you give me are as sweet as your honey. Your golden flowers appear in threes fills my heart, I am so pleased. So Buzz in my ear the words I long to hear. cindys5clowns

  • Cynthia Carroll

    Honey to the Bee how I love thee. You shower me with your free spins and Golden Flowers in threes. We buzz around together in and out of the hive in anticipation of the big bee and hive to bookend us into more spins, we soon loose track of time and long for ours to never end. cindys5clowns

  • slpsmom

    The Olympics have started the USA is competing,I would rather play Slots of Vegas to win medals and keep on repeating. On my favorite game, called Medal Tally.. Gold, Silver, or Bronze winning is right up my alley.. I’ll stand on the platform and accept my Medal…A large check of winnings from SOV I’ll be getting. I loveeee Medal Tally. slpsmom

  • Karen Edgerson


    Mermaid Queen is my queen of hearts,
    She makes me hate to be apart!
    Free spins are just a click away,
    Makes me want to play and play!

    I long to see her lovely face,
    On reels 1,3 & 5 is just the right place!
    She brings such joy to my life,
    I long for her to be my wife!

    So on this special Valentine’s Day,
    I would love a free chip to continue to play!
    Mermaid Queen won’t you be mine?
    It would make my day absolutely DIVINE !!

  • Anthony-sherry Altamura-carcon

    roses are red violets are blue playing naughty and nice I love to do!pick a girl good or bad,watch her give you all she has,spin that wheel jump for joy hit the jackpot boy oh boy!!!!sov is the place to be, giving money is what I love to see!!!!grandmasherry.

  • Anthony-sherry Altamura-carcon

    roses are red violets are blue naughty and nice I love to do!pick a girl good or bad that’s a bonus see what she has, spin that wheel jump for joy hit that jackpot boy oh boy!!sov the greatest place to be giving money is what I love to see!!grandmasherry.

  • Don Falloon

    Roses are red,
    Violets are swell.
    I think I am under
    The Warlock’s Spell

    The Warlock is stern.
    The witch, kinda cute.
    They work their magic
    And give me their loot.

    The Book of Spells!
    I need only three.
    To help mix their potions
    and win money for me!

    Black cats and cauldrons,
    A bright crystal ball,
    they tempt me with fortunes
    I must win them all!

    So I think you can see
    where my interests dwell.
    I think I’m in love
    with the Warlock’s Spell.

    – falloonacy

  • nena gilbert

    over the years my heart has hardened,until i met you enchanted garden.with you mystic unicorns,fairies and free spins,you fill my face with many grins.you make me so happy in every way,will you be mine this valentines day. nenagilbert

  • GambleGod77

    *****CONTEST IS CLOSED*****
    Thanks to everyone who participated. Winners will be announced later on the day!

  • Jason Axberg

    Oh I want a ‘White Rino’ for V Day!
    Only a ‘White Rino’ will do!
    He chases all my blues away
    And delivers a ‘bonus’ or two!

    I love it when he multiplies
    And I watch my deposits grow!
    Oh darn! I just saw I missed the chance…
    …To be a part of this show 🙁

    AFwife xx….Hope y’all had a great Valentnes Day!!


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