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Almost everyone has their “first-time” Las Vegas experience, right? Mine is probably similar to most I’m sure. But for me, at the moment I stepped into the Luxor Casino I knew I had just experienced something that I instantly LOVED! I’ll never forget being completely mesmerized by the colorful lights, the clattering and clinging of those silver coins spitting into the tray at the bottom of each slot machine, the sound of people laughing and screaming with joy as they had “hit the big one”. It was electrifying to say the least.

My husband on the other hand quickly realized that he was in BIG trouble…lol….and decided that from that point on, he was going to be my “gambling police”. LOL….He rationed out his $20 donations to me (which I in return donated guiltlessly to the casino). One time I would be up $200-$300 and then I would be back to the β€œpolice officer” for another $20. This went back and forth for 3 days.

On our last day there, I told him I was going to play for a few minutes while he was checking us out of the hotel. He gives me the “OMG I can’t believe you’re going to sink MORE money into this place”…but I ignore his disdain completely, because remember…..I AM HOOKED!!! LOL!

There is nothing stopping me from trying to achieve this thrill of seeing those 777’s just one…more…time.

So off he goes to check us out and here I go putting silver dollars into this slot machine faster than you can count. At one time I was actually playing 3 machines at a time!!! LOL….but it paid off for sure! My husband comes back from the front desk, and sees me standing there in utter disbelief at the amount of coins spewing into my tray below. What do I do??? I start picking them up to put them into the machines next to me! I’m simply not done, right??? What does HE do??? He asks the casino host for some coin trays.

Back in the 80’s, you collected your winnings in these pre-measured trays, which easily calculated how much you had won, in $100 increments. He quickly stacked up about 6 or 7 trays and cashed them into the casino host. The excitement I was feeling at that time cannot EVEN be compared to anything else…well…maybe one thing…hehehe…but that’s IT!!! lol.

So all in all, it was a very successful trip that year to the β€œoh so captivating, mesmerizing, tantalizing beautiful Las Vegas”.

Since those days, gambling has become quite accessible to us all (thanks to online casinos such as Slots of Vegas) and their related casinos. I absolutely love to be able to gamble in the comfort of my own home… (Turning the volume up quite loud, as to experience all the bells and whistles I can)…lol…My husband and I actually have “Las Vegas” night, where we gamble for real money at Slots of Vegas. We sit down with our favorite “refreshing beverage” and let it roll.

I cannot tell you how much fun it is to hit one of their crazy jackpots on a silly $1 spin! We don’t always win of course, but we ALWAYS have a great time doing it. So thank you Slots of Vegas and your entire sister companies for making any of this possible in the privacy and comforts of our own home.

Debbie Blair Stallings

Last Blogger Standing Contestant
"New to the "blogging" world, but I actually really enjoyed jotting down my thoughts. I love gambling and casino related news!

  • Adrian

    Great blog!!!!!

  • dstallings

    Since I’m part of this story, I know of what I speak….Debbie’s enjoyment of playing slots can be very stressful for me;)….but her blog made me laugh! Pull the “arm” one more time baby!! xoxoxo

  • Great blog!!!

  • If anyone deserves to win this my wife Debbie does, so she can give me the money for all the lonely nights I spend sitting on the sofa while she plays Slots of Vegas :)… go get’em babe…

  • Jean

    Awesome blog Debbie! So glad Slots of Vegas gives you the fun of enjoying the games in the privacy of your own home—-fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!

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    great blog!!!!

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  • megan giroux

    Well I too understand and share in your love for gambling πŸ˜‰

  • Mark Sprinkle

    What fun Debbie, myself hunting and fishing are my addictions. The thrill of a trout taking a dry fly off of the top of the water, the approuch of a large bull Elk into range, or the explosive sound of a pheasent taking flight. That is all I need. Sounds like your havung fun, I enjoyed your blog.

  • Go, Debbie!!! Don loves to donate to the DS (Debbie Stallings) fund!!

  • great post!

  • Love it!!!! You guys are a hoot!!

  • Alice

    Hmmmm….I can see how exciting this might be.

  • Jackpot! Win big!!!

  • Woohoo!! Go Deb…

  • Awesome Mom!! Great Blog!

  • I can’t wait for you to win this honey and feel that money in my hands…. go baby go baby… you wrote a great story… I am very proud of you…

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  • win BIG!!!! go girl..

  • Each time I read this, I cringe and then smile… we have had some great trips to Vegas and watching you when you hit it big is a pure delight that I enjoy so much… no matter what I say about the winning and loosing, we always have fun… good luck babe… you are my winner πŸ™‚

  • I also enjoy our Vegas nights at home very much… refreshing beverage in hand… and you spinning the wheels :)…. how about tonight????

  • Great Blog, Debbie!!!!!

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    Hahaha love this story! Go, Mom!!

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    Next time you have a “Slots of Vegas” nite be sure to call me so I can come over and enjoy the games!!!!

  • Jean

    Best Blog Ever!!!! After reading this blog if you don’t use Slots of Vegas then you will start!!!!! Awesome!!

  • love the blog…keep spinning and winning!!!

  • Jean

    Can’t wait for more Slots of Vegas stories!!!! Go Deb!!!!

  • Good luck babe, you know when to hold’em and when to fold’em… well sometimes you do anyway…. go get’em my little Gambler :)….

  • Hey what happened to OUR money? Do we not have any OUR money πŸ™ …. how about some spare change from the big winner… can you please spare some change???

  • Oh, and I love it when she wins because we all celebrate by screaming and then shopping πŸ™‚ IF we can all pull ourselves from the machines.

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    Win Win Win Debbie!!!!!! And Don, pull up a chair and sit beside your beautiful wife and watch her win big with Slots of Vegas!!!!!

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    So EXCITED for you Deb!!! A finalist!!!! Go Debbie!!!!!!!!!

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    Deb LOVES Slots of Vegas!!!! She can’t stop talking about how much fun it is to play!!!!

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    When you win Deb lets have a Slots of Vegas girls nite and sip wine and WIN WIN WIN!!!! Go Debbie!!!!!!

  • Laura Jean

    Hey Debbie–can I go with you to Vegas next trip because you are a WINNER and I want to see just how much fun it is–your blog just makes me laugh out loud every time I read it–so much FUN!!!!!

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  • Keep it going mom!! Good luck!

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    Hey Deb, So glad for you. You love this stuff. I love your stories that you tell about your winnings. Good luck and WIN !!!

  • jean

    Win this Debbie!!!! Go girl!!!!

  • Why don’t you double down babe… it’s getting to be crunch time… go for the gusto… good luck πŸ™‚

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    Thanks Patti & Jessica!

  • Linda Weaver

    Go Debbie!!! Go Debbie!!!

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    Go get that $$$$$$$ girl!!!! You can do it!!!!

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    Go Debbie! When you win big take me to Vegas with you πŸ˜‰

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    When are we going back to Vegas?!

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    Thanks LInda! I’m workin on it!! I’ll know next Monday:)

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    I hope you win!! You really deserve to have a day at the mall with me, it would be so much fun!!! Xoxo love you!


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  • Good luck, hope you win πŸ™‚

  • Cling, cling, cling, clang, clang, cling…. go the coins into the coin tray. You hit another big one babe… actually back in the day I was never fortunate enough to get a COIN TRAY… all my winnings fit in those plastic cups they passed out πŸ™ …. good luck babe…

  • jean edmondson

    I want Debbie to WIN!!!!!!

  • Cheering you on Mom!! Go get ’em!!

  • Goooooo mama! Vegas vegas vegasssss baby!!!

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    Go Debbie! We all need to plan another Pegg/Stallings Vegas trip again!! Xoxo

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    Go Debbie!!!

  • Out of all the ppl I know that shld win, that would be Debbie! She’s one if the best moms I’ve ever meet & incredibly giving! Go Debbie go! Gd luck!

  • keep rollin!!! woohoooo

  • Savannah jayme

    Oh my goodness, you sound like my Mom! I swear she could sit at a machine for 48 hours… She now uses the phrase” this machine is hot!” As if shes a professional. Great blog!

  • LindseyP

    I love you, Mommy! πŸ™‚

  • Best of luck Debbie!!!

  • Win Win Win!!!

  • Just a few more days left… it is time for a fourth quarter comeback… go get’em… good luck

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    I want you to be THE WINNER!!!!!! Go Debbie!!!

  • Keep those “cards and letters” comin guys!!! Thanks a million!!! or should I say…$2500 if I win…hehehehe

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    Still betting on a win Debbie!!!!

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    Keep workin it guys!! Slowly but surely catchin up…thanks to you guys!!!

  • I hope you win Aunt Debbie!!!!

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    I need to rub you for good luck!

  • Well it’s the last day of voting babe and I know you really worked it… it looks like a second place finished, which they say is like kissing your sister… if that’s the case I will be your sister and you can kiss me :)… great job and I love you…

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  • Roll the wheel…and WIN!!!! go girl..


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