Are your gambling strategies wrong?

Seems like a strange question, right? Gambling is based on luck, so how could you possibly be gambling incorrectly?

Let’s put game strategy aside for a second. As you know, there are things like basic Blackjack strategy (when to hit, when to stand, and so on), basic Craps strategy (which bets to avoid entirely, like Big 6 or 8) and even strategies for betting on Roulette (combining column bets with evens/odds bets, for instance).

But we aren’t talking about any of that. Let’s put all that stuff aside for a second and assume that none of that exists. We still need to ask, are you gambling wrong? Why? Because there’s a right way to gamble and a wrong way – and we’re going to lay it all on the table and show you how to gamble the right way.


Are you taking advantage of bonuses?
innerbonusesWhen you deposit funds to an online casino, don’t settle for your deposit amount. Did you know that many online casinos, Slots of Vegas included, give away free bonus dollars? There are bonus codes for match bonuses and free chips at Slots of Vegas (the offer differs from day to day), so take advantage. Remember, bonuses are designed to boost your bankroll, but there are different bonuses for different games, so look around before you commit to one.


Are you betting within your budget?
innerbroke18052015Love $10-a-hand Blackjack? Then you better have the budget to back it. And we’re not talking about $100 or $200. We’re talking in upwards of $900. Remember, with just $100, you could blow through $10-a-hand Blackjack in a matter of seconds. No one wants to lose, but should you hit 10 straight losses (or even less if you double down or split), you’ll be out of chips. Always make sure you’re betting no more than 2% of your bankroll per hand. So if you’ve got $500, you can afford $10 Blackjack.


Do you know when it’s time to quit?
innerquit18052015You initially brought $100 to the Roulette tables and you’ve been playing for the last 2 hours. You promised yourself you wouldn’t play more than an hour, but you’ve turned that $100 into a nice $1,100 payday. Would you say you’re gambling correctly? We’d argue no. Just because you won, it doesn’t mean you’re gambling right. You should have cut yourself off after that hour. The fact that you went twice as long is a sign that you don’t know when to quit. Many pro gamblers, especially in the poker world, would argue that you’re a much better gambler if you lost $100 in a span of an hour and quit after the hour as promised than if you won $500 playing 2 hours after telling yourself you’d only gamble for the 1 hour. Play smart. Gambling correctly. Set time limits.

It’s not all about real cash
While these gambling tips might seem to do entirely with betting real money, many of them apply to play money to. You can play for pretend money at Slots of Vegas with your free account, so sign up now and put our gambling tips to good use. Once you’re well versed in correct gambling techniques, go ahead and take advantage of one of the bonuses we talked about. It’s free money, on the house, so enjoy it.

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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