Casino Divas: Who is the Hottest Female Casino Player?

Women have never received the respect form men in the gambling community. They were considered to be inferior in many ways. The world of gambling has always been a man’s community with more 90% of the professionals being male this is easy to see why.

As of late, more and more females have been entering this boys club and are starting to gain the respect they have always deserved. And while their male counterparts are often over weight, balding slobs; the women are downright gorgeous.

A few weeks ago we brought to you our choices for the Hottest Males in Gambling, it’s only fair to list the gorgeous ladies as well. Here is our list of the hottest female casino players:

Kara Scott

This product of Canada has become one of the most popular names in poker and gambling. She began her gambling career hosting the TV shows: High Stakes Backgammon and The World Series of Backgammon. She would later move on to host numerous UK poker shows including. Poker Live and sky Poker TV.

She gained the respect of her peers by making deep runs in major tournaments that included back to back deep money finishes in the WSOP. She wasn’t just another pretty face who hosted poker shows after this.

Kara is now the face of poker as she hosts almost every major poker event in the world. Her resume now includes: Co-host of the WSOP on ESPN, Poker After Dark and the NBC National Heads Up Championship. You can read more about Kara Scott and her career by reading her bio.

Clonie Gowen

Clonie is one of the best poker players in the world, not just another female gambler. She has earned the respect of the poker community by consistently finishing deep in tournaments and beating the men out of their money in the side games.

This former Miss Teen Oklahoma has been featured on numerous poker shows such as: Poker After Dark and the WSOP on ESPN. She is perhaps more famous for her role in Full Tilt Poker. Clonie was one of the original investors who helped get it started and was a Full Tilt pro. Her face was used in numerous ads and her profile was prevalent on site.

Shana Hiatt

Shana is by far one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She is the face and voice of the very popular WPT that used to air on the Travel Channel. Her face helped to spawn the poker boom back in the early 2000s and she could be credited with much of its success today. Had the show not hired such a lovely lady, it’s unsure if people would want to watch Mike Sexton for 3 hours at a time. While Mike is a lovely person in his own right, He’s not that nice to look at. You be the judge.

If there is a hot female gambler you know of let us know. Or maybe you’re the hot female player we’ve been waiting to see. Fill us in on your favorite woman of gambling. Who knows, we may just find the next face of gambling!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.

  • 3 beautiful ladies….and awesome blog!!! viggy00

  • 3 beautiful ladies…and awesome blog. viggy00

  • Shana Hiatt is the hottest female casino player – Samethias

  • nightangel65; This is just great the way you showed these three beautiful women in the limelight. I give cudos to these three for going to the top of their games.

  • dcg0404- shana hiatt is by far the hottest. but im sure each woman appeals to different individuals.and really in poker beauty is secondary!

  • Loly63

    Lori Lynn Lynch
    all are great

  • tammy166….i’m gonna pick kara, i think she can give the guys a run for their money….and give a shout out to all the women for succeeded in such a male dominated sport.

  • I like Kara Scott! Really great player!! brunette9891

  • A great blog on these ladies! Wish I were as lucky as them in gambling! :o) brunette9891

  • love the fact that these women have proven that there is more to gambling professionally then meets the eye. Poker has been known as a “mans” game and it is refreshing to see these women show they have what it takes….Kudos ladies…. tp0013oh

  • kudos to all these women for proving that poker is not just a mans game…… tp0013oh

  • I think Shana is very hot! Love to see that some women can kick the mens butts! …pdawn1369

  • It’s great that more women are in poker but this blog is would be better if you talked more about poker skills and less about physical appeal……… nagle23


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