Casino Hunks: Who is the Hottest Male Casino Player?


Today’s professional gamblers come in all shapes and sizes. Walk into any casino and you will see a wide variety of people, most are the casual gamblers are nothing to write home about. These are your everyday, run of the mill people whom you can find just about anywhere.

The regulars for the most part will be easy to spot. They can be put into two classes in most cases. First you have the older lad who will be sporting as much gold as he can possibly afford. They will almost always be wearing some sort of style from the 1970s that they still think looks good. You have to respect them as they have stood the test time and are still around to wear this time warped clothes.

Next you have the large percentage of gamblers. The ones who look like they haven’t slept for days, haven’t showered or left the casino in over a week. This is most likely because they haven’t. Gambling is not as luxurious as one may think and this leaves most looking as if they are 20 years older than they actually are. However, we do have an elite class of gamblers who stand head and shoulders above them all. They may not be the nicest or even the coolest, but they sure do look good!

Here are two of the sexiest male casino players in the world

Patrick Antonius

This Finnish born cutie can be found at the highest stakes tables in the classiest casinos in the world. He has been featured on the hit TV show, “High Stakes Poker” and is a regular at the high stakes poker games. Only bad news is he’s taken. Sorry ladies!

Phil Ivey

This next gambler is not the hottest guy alive, but his character and knack for adventure make him very attractive. He is best known for his poker playing skills and has won millions playing the game. However, he is an adrenaline junkie that can be found playing casino craps for millions of dollars a roll when away from he tables.

His disregard for money and desire to take it all make him a sexy man. He has a swagger about him that the ladies love. And good news for the ladies out there, he’s recently single!

There aren’t many professional gamblers who will turn heads when they walk into a room, but these two seem to have that trick down.

Share with us who you think is the sexiest man in gambling. We think we have this one pretty down, but were always open for a good debate.

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.

  • mountie78

    Ok , Patrick is off the table because he’s married – doesn’t mean he isn’t damn sexy, but I have to vote foe Phil Ivey. I love the fact that he will go all in! That would be such a rush to watch … You play big – you win big! I vote for Phil Ivey ! tatri8

  • I have never really watched poker on TV but my vote has to go to Patrick. He looks like he would be a model or a stripper :)))))

  • viggy00 I have never really watched poke on TV before but my vote would have to go to Patrick…looks like he would be a model or a strippper, somebody u wouldn’t take very seriously!!!!

  • kjberg

    Christophe De Meulder and is the twin brother of Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder. Double Down! kjberg

    • samtycun

      De Meulder Twins definitely have that “boy next door look…

  • I would love to vote for both because they both are sexy. But since I have to choose one I’d have to chose Patrik Antonius. He just has that winning look that makes him sexy. Deena2313

  • Patrick is Hot! He can eat crackers in my bed anytime! .Then he could teach me Poker at Slots of Vegas!..babieswithbeans

  • Hannah Nunn

    I don’t know how to play poker, and don’t care to learn. However, Patrick and Phil are both adorable. As Patti says, Patrick is hot, but Phil has a smile to die for! hsnunn

  • dcg0404 phil has that good boy next door look but underneath u know hes a wild cat! i vote for phil!

  • rhinofan2003; Have respected Phil for a long time, excellent texas-hold-em player, one of my favorites!!! I play the game as well !!

  • Jorj: Hard choice, but I think I could show baby face Phil Ivy a few tricks, Not sure if poker would be one of them! Now that hunk Patrick Antonius can put his boots under my bed any time and he can teach me every poker trick he knows! hehe!


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