Fashion Show in a Casino Floor!

Fashion in casinos is certainly an exciting thing and, when it comes to casinos, it varies on where in the world the casino is at. It’s true! In Europe, for example, casinos tend to be filled of people dressed in a more classic attire. Not flashy, but casual elegant. You can always see the so called “Euro Trash” wearing their outfits, but for the most part, casino fashion in Europe is a bit more classic.

Now, if we cross the Atlantic and hit some of the American casinos, one might have the feeling that people just don’t care about what they wear. Forget about the glamour in the James Bond movies. Forget about it! It seems as if the majority of people just go in their tennis shoes, sweat pants and baseball caps.


Casinos are like small movies that portray the full spectrum of the human race and their fashion styles. Or in this case, let’s talk about the human race in America. For the most part, the casino floor is a diverse blend of colors, accessories, fabrics and styles. It is here that the trendsetters, the high rollers and the fashion averse come together to enjoy the environment of the casino. But also, it is here where you can see a middle class Texan that saved money for two years and came to have an amazing glamorous vacation, sit next to rich couples from around the world that come to Las Vegas for their honey moon.

If you ever have the chance to sit in a casino floor and just look at people, you will be sitting at a movie theater. From the conservative to the flamboyant, you will be able to feast your eyes on more variety than you can imagine. And that’s not all! Is some ways, casino’s fashion might also be different depending on the area of the casino.


The slots arena for example, is bubbling over with the weirdest and funniest people you can find. From elderly groups, to women in their sexiest bachelorette parties’ clothes, to guys in five thousand dollar suits. Slots’ players can be wearing some of the most unique styles, and they’re not scared to showcase them to the world. It is quite possible to determine a player’s penchant for casino games, based on their dress sense. Really!

Now, it’s safe to say that evening wear and trendy elegant dresses will most likely be seen at the casino table games such as craps, roulette and high roller games of blackjack and baccarat. Jeans and T-shirts, skirts and pants are the fashion choice for most slots players. Of course these are not hard and fast rules, but merely observations of casino aficionados and fashion lovers like myself. And the truth is that these are not rules written in stone, since you can always find people in their sweatpants sitting in a blackjack table surrounded by the most elegant crowd.

In other words, do you want fashion variety? Do you want to see how the world dresses? Get your soda, grab the popcorn and sit at a casino floor!

Rose Pratt

Rose Pratt is an experienced blogger specialized on everything and anything related to the entertainment industry. If you want to check the latest celebrity news or find an honest review about Las Vegas hottest spots, she is the one.


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