Gambling in Texas: all you need to know

Besides being rather fun and exciting activity, gambling is a risky experience at the same time wherever you are playing. If you are not aware of some basic facts about gambling, then you may find yourself in a great loss. Even though knowledge of these facts does not guarantee success, it will still in some ways increase your chances of winning; so, here is everything you need to know about gambling in Texas.

Law above It All!

Before proceeding to anything else, let us clear up what counts legal in Texas and what does not; I doubt anyone would want to suddenly encounter that he/she is breaking the law. Charitable bingos and Texas Lottery is of course absolutely legal in Texas; Grey hound racing and pari-mutuel wagering as well.

Those who would like to play at Indian casino, raffles or pull-tabs will not be in any trouble either. These forms of gambling are absolutely legal in Texas.


Texas Lottery and Charitable Bingo

The Texas Lottery has been on the market for more than 20 years since 1992. Some of the most popular options include Powerball games, drawing and traditional scratch-off games, etc.

As for the charitable gaming, Texas gambling offers Bingo and Raffles. Charitable Bingo Operations Division of Texas Lottery Commissions has given licenses to different non-profit organizations; so do not get surprised if you encounter “Instant Bingo” on your every step. These sessions are usually held thrice a week with the maximum prize amount of $750.

Indian Casinos in Texas

Hardly anything has such an arguable past in Texas as the Indian casinos, which are filled with great choices of casino games. Starting from the early 1980s Indian tribes wee constantly fighting for the right to operate different kinds of gambling.

Unfortunately, due to their unlawful actions most of them were denied in this request or their casinos were shut down shortly after their grand opening. Right now, “The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle” is the only legal Indian casino in Texas. “Eight-liners” are less troublesome when it comes to law. There are lots of game rooms throughout Texas that offer slot machines. However, the cash payouts and prizes are not allowed. The maximum value of the prize should be around $5. Even though Texas government is so critical towards gambling it is still very hard to regulate the law as there are plenty of places where you can gamble illegally.

Gambling in Texas may not seem as versatile after reading this article but time by time Texas population becomes more and more open to different types of gambling.

Susan Sedlak

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