Grab the popcorn and cozy up at the movies with Slots of Vegas!

The monthly promotion for September is packed full of emotions and thrills: You will laugh, you will be moved and you will feel your heart pound out of your chest! On September, the promo folks at Slots of Vegas have decided to honor all of those blockbusters that have become beloved cinema classics by designing six special bonuses that are inspired by some of Hollywood’s greatest exports! Can you hear the corn popping? Take a seat and put on your 3D glasses because the show is about to start!

Eat the Cookie and Drink the Vial! Wonderland is waiting for you!

Tic-toc, tic-toc! Follow the rabbit down the hole and cross the door! Your friends the Madhatter and the Crazy Hare are waiting for you to take you around Wonderland with a 530% bonus on Slots and Keno! Do not be startled if you see a toothed grin hovering above you! It is just the mischievous Cheshire Cat reminding you that this promo comes with a 30x playthrough and an 10XMax Cash-out! This whimsical bonus is easily yours with a deposit of $30 or more! Remember to read and follow the instructions carefully, so you don’t end up on the Queen of Hearts head-chopping block!

All on board for the Hogwarts Express!

Are you ready to have a bewitching time? Pack your bags and your dark oak wand, because Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the gang are expecting you for the sorting hat ceremony! This time around, the messenger owls bring you an enchanted 180% bonus on All Allowed Games with No Rules! You heard right, that means no Playthrough and no Max Cash-out! The only rule (besides no visiting the Forbidden Forest of course) is that this bonus cannot be used in Blackjack. Apart from that, you are invited to try all the games and spells your wizardly heart desires! All you need is to make a deposit of 50 dollars or more, hop on a broom, and explore all of your magical possibilities!

Green is the color of Money and Swampy-happy Ogres!

Join everybody’s favorite grumpy giant Shrek in a 3D adventure with Donkey, Gingerbread Man, Fiona, and the Puss in Boots. This time around, they want to frolic and play happily in the mud with a 200% bonus on Slots and Keno! We know Shrek and Fiona to be a couple of hot headed trolls sometimes, that is why we did not want to push our luck and have declared this bonus to be free of wagering restrictions all through the land of Far Far Away! All you need is a deposit of $100 to start get your ogre on!


A Slot Bonus of Titanic proportions!

The story of Titanic and the star-crossed love of Jack and Rose has become one of the greatest movie classics of our generation. In Slots of Vegas, we want you to feel like the King/Queen of the world and remember the opulence and elegance of this Academy awarded movie with a 570% bonus for Slots and Keno only. You will not have to win a ticket on a game or cards or pose like one of Jack’s French girls to use the bonus, the only requirement to get on board is a deposit of $50 or more! The bonus comes with a 30x playthrough and a 10X Max Cash-Out! With such amenities, we have a feeling your heart and chip account will go on and on!
The mystical Pandora is a click away!

To continue with the James Cameron bonus fest, we also have a special bonus inspired in his fantasy epic Avatar. If you loved the story of Jake Sully and his adventures with the Na’vi tribe, you will love our 170% coupon on All Allowed Games with the exception of Blackjack. Members of the Na’vi communities are free spirits, which is why this bonus has No Playthrough and No Max Cash-Out. The only requirement to hop on an Avatar and roam through the land of casino games is a deposit of $30 or more! Ride your banshee along Jack and Neytiry and win many jackpots!

Grab your shield and beat the bad odds with our Captain America bonus!

Although we are in autumn, you can fight the Winter Soldier and feel like an Avenger with our action-packed 300% bonus! This mighty bonus has a special serum that allows you to use the coupon on All Allowed Games! Just like Captain Rogers, you can make sure to make the most out of any pesky situation against the forces of Hydra by using the 30X playthrough (60x for Video Poker and Blackjack) and the 10X Max Cash-Out! Deposit $30 or more to put on your blue, red, and white uniform and be the hero of the casino!

Lights, camera, action! On September, unleash the movie buff you have inside of you and make the most of the film bonuses Slots of Vegas has directed for your enjoyment! Get the codes and specifications on our monthly promotion page!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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