How to live like a high roller in Las Vegas


I’m planning to head to Vegas at some point this summer, perhaps for the July 4th weekend. I’ve been researching hotel room rates and came across quite a few I like on

I can snag a room at Paris Las Vegas for less than $111 a night. Or Vdara looks good for $141. If I want to conserve my cash, I can plant roots at Circus Circus for the week for $49.

And if I want to stay somewhere a bit nicer, Bellagio or Wynn will welcome me with open arms. I can get rooms there for $200 to $300 a night.

But before I booked, I wanted to find out how the big whales live it up. So I did a little digging and came across The Palms Sky Villa Suite. It’s a little out of my price range, coming in at $35,000 a night. Yes, that’s more expensive than my fully loaded Honda Accord.

innerskyvilla06022015What do you get for such a ridiculous amount of money? It turns out, a lot. This 9,000 square foot palace in the sky has everything. Forget about heading down to the hotel pool for wet cocktail parties. The $35,000-a-night suite has its own swimming pool that’s enclosed by glass and jets out over the strip.

There’s even a private massage room, so you can relax after, well, relaxing. The Sky Villa suite has its own in-suite private elevator that leads to a gorgeous master suite with sweeping views of Las Vegas.

It’s incredible, no doubt. But if you’ve got $35,000, you can do a lot more with it than blow it on just one night in a hotel. Here’s a look at how far $35k can go in Sin City:


  • You can see The Beatles Love Cirque De Soleil show 205 times at the most expensive price point of $170.50 per ticket.
  • You can travel to the Paris, France (forget the makeshift hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard) first class on United (about $6,500)…and stay in a Junior Suite at Hotel Napoleon for a week (about $3,500)…and eat like a king….and still have $20k left over.
  • You can hit the high roller room at Bellagio and double your $35,000 to $70,000 playing Blackjack. Sure, there’s a chance you’ll lose it all. But if you stay at the Sky Villa Suite, it’ll be gone in the morning anyway.

It was fun figuring out how to live like a high roller in Sin City. Sadly, I’m anything but a whale. Needless to say, you’ll find me at Flamingo.

Rose Pratt

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