Las Vegas is changing. Are you ready?

I love Slots of Vegas. Naturally I would, since I work for the company. But to be honest, I was a big fan of the online casino well before I started playing. Why? Well, primarily because I’m a HUGE fan of all things Las Vegas.

The casinos. The glitz and glamour. The clubs. The shows. The food. The hotel pampering. The shopping. Everything.

But while those things are all amazing, none of them is my all time favorite thing about Las Vegas. What tops my list? The fact that no two visits are ever the same. Sure, that might be the same if you head there every weekend. Even the wildest adventures are bound to see some repetition. But if you travel to Las Vegas every 6 months or less frequently, there’s a good chance you won’t recognize the strip from one day to the next.

New hotels and restaurants are constantly popping up, so your old favorite from a few years ago might be nothing but a memory today. I’ve seen a lot change on the strip. For example, I remember staying at the Aladdin like it was just yesterday, which is now Planet Hollywood. And I remember blacking $1 Blackjack at O’Sheas for hours into the morning (O’Sheas has been replaced by a newer O’Sheas, but I’m talking to the old O’Sheas with the old Burger King inside).

With that said, you might be planning a trip to Las Vegas yourself. There are some things that have change or could be changing, so we thought we’d fill you in on everything that’s changed, is changing or could be changing soon.

Downtown Container Park reinvents Las Vegas shopping

innervegas07082015OK, so this isn’t brand new. It’s been around for over a year. But it’s definitely new to me. Up until this year, shopping in Las Vegas to me meant hanging out at the Forum Shops at Caesars, window shopping at Wynn, and dreaming of buying stuff at Bellagio. If the slots were good to me, I’d splurge. But on my latest trip, I discovered Downtown Container Park, a boutique Las Vegas shopping mall built out of old shipping containers. They’re refurbished and amazing, though it’s still evident that you’re in a shipping container. There are some real gems here and you could easily spend an entire day shopping and eating.

Tropicana snapped up

innervegas207082015Penn National has purchased the famous Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas for $360 million. If you were a fan of that part of the strip, it could be changing very soon. While there aren’t any official plans on tearing down the Tropicana and replacing it with something new, there’s a good chance something big could be at play give that their neighbor just down the street has also been sold. Who are we talking about? We’ll give you a clue: Great wings.

Hooters Casino Hotel sold

innervegas307082015Yup, Hooters Casino Hotel has also been sold. And since they’re right near Tropicana, you can expect both owners to pump some big money into both casinos in an effort to compete with one another. Whatever happens, chances are both casinos will end up improving that end of the strip and revitalizing the entire area.

There’s a lot more that’s changing in Las Vegas. So if you’re planning on heading to Vegas, we know you’ll discover something new and exciting. Just don’t get too used to it. It could be gone on your next trip out west.

Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.


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