Let’s Play St. Patrick’s Games


The point of holidays is to seek ways to get out of our ordinary routines in order to have some fun and feel that we are putting some spice into our lives. So check out the games:

Lucky Last


At Slots of Vegas we have our very own St. Patrick’s game for you to enjoy and its name is Lucky Last. This game is inspired in finding the pot of gold in the rainbow. This five reel slot machine has a golden progressive jackpot and great payouts. Make sure you find the lucky cloves to get the cash spinning your way!

Leprechaun Darts

This is a game for darts players who are open to change some visual rules of the game. First, you need to get a dart board and paint it in the colors of the rainbow. Red needs to be in the outer ring and indigo on the center ring. Players need to try to hit the center of the bull’s eye to get the most points. The board of this game also needs to have several tiny pots of gold or gold coins painted on each of the rings. And, the surprise comes when a player hits one of these symbols. He or she may choose another player to drink two shots of Irish drinks or perform an action like dancing a jig or singing a drinking song. If the chosen player refuses, he or she may try to hit another pot or coin. If successful, the first player must complete the challenge. If not, the challenge doubles for the second player.

Celtic Words Contest


This is a game that guarantees lots of fun and good laughs. How do you play it? The players stand in a circle around a table. The game’s host begins by saying a Celtic-themed word beginning with the letter A like “Aisling.” Names count, so each letter has more possibilities. The players clap to a slow beat as the next person says a word starting with B. The beat of the claps gets faster as the third and fourth people use words starting with letters C and D. Players may not repeat words as the circle goes around and the first person to falter must drink a shot of alcohol. Since we’re in the Irish theme, it better be a shot of whisky or a taste of Guinness.

Hat Toss

You may know this one, since you might even have played it by yourself; however, it is better to play it at a party. You might find it a bit familiar since it’s the same as when you try to launch playing cards into a hat. The game requires three teams, a leprechaun’s top hat and three colors of cardboard coins. You can make the cardboard coins by spraying gold, silver or bronze paint in palm-sized cardboard circles. The hat sits upside down on a chair as members of each team try to toss as many coins as they can into the hat from about three feet away. This goes on for five minutes and then someone counts the number of coins for each team. The team with the most coins in the hat wins a prize. The second-place winners must all drink a shot each or dance a jig. The third-place team must have two shots each or dance a jig while singing loudly in Irish accents. This game helps loosen everyone up and get the party started.

Needless to say, all these games are way more fun if a good Irish beer is involved, also lucky charms have been used for ages and it doesn´t hurt to try them a little to help you with your own luck. Are you ready to have a blast on St. Patrick´s Day?

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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