Merry Christmas From the Slots of Vegas Team!


“Because the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success it’s a real pleasure at the holiday time to say “Thank You” as we wish you a full year of happiness and prosperity.”

As the end of 2013 approaches, we want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. We want to make sure that you realize that as our clients, Slots of Vegas Casino is extremely thankful with you for choosing us and staying with us. We are at your service and hope to continue bringing you the fun and service you deserve. We sincerely hope you have a healthy and joyful 2014.

As a fun activity to share with you, we decided to post these Christmas facts that we thought are appropriate to know during the holiday season. It’s nice to know the beliefs, legends or fun facts about this special time. It’s time to have fun, rejoice and share as many stories and cheerful moments as possible.


Christmas Facts

  • The ideas of elves came from the modern day versions of “Nature folk” described in Pagan religions of the past.
  • It was once believed that any woman who went under mistletoe and was not kissed would not marry the coming year.
  • If counted all the gifts that were given in the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” one would realize that the numbers of gifts being presented were 364 in total, thus a gift was given for each day of the year.
  • The use of evergreen trees to celebrate the winter season occurred before the birth of Christ.
  • A traditional Christmas dinner in early England was the head of a pig prepared with mustard.
  • After “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens wrote several other Christmas stories, one each year, but none was as successful as the original.
  • The first printed reference to Christmas trees appeared in Germany in 1531
  • The custom of singing Christmas carols is very old – the earliest English collection was published in 1521.
  • The tradition of Christmas lights dates back to when Christians were persecuted for saying Mass. A simple candle in the window meant that Mass would be celebrated there that night.
  • The day after Christmas, December 26, is known as Boxing Day. It is also the holy day of St. Stephen.
  • In Syria, Christmas gifts are distributed by one of the Wise Men’s camels. The gift-giving camel is said to have been the smallest one in the Wise Men’s caravan.
  • One town in Indiana is called Santa Claus. There is also a Santa, Idaho.

Happy holiday season to you all!

Colin Jones

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