Online Casino Strategy: Up the Steps


Step foot into any casino in Vegas or around the world and you’ll be greeted by the slot machine junkies the second you set foot inside.

You know exactly who we’re talking about. We’re talking about the folks who spend hours and hours pumping the slot machines with coin after coin, hoping and praying the next spin is the winner.

If it’s your first time seeing these people in action, you’d likely call them crazy. But if you’re a casino regular, you know that these people don’t leave the slot machines for a reason—because they keep winning.

You can have the same type of luck at online casinos by following an online slot machine strategy. Today, we’ll look at one called Up the Steps.

Step right up to consistent wins

Up the Steps is a simple strategy for 3-coin online slots machines that’s designed to help you conserve your bankroll. In a nutshell, the strategy states that you bet more when you’re winning and less when you’re losing. Here’s how it works.

• You start betting with one coin.

• Didn’t win off the bat? Don’t increase your bet. Bet another coin.

• Still nothing? Stay at one coin.

• Finally pulled a win? Now you can increase your bet.

• Won again? Now you’re up to 3 coins.

Keep winning, keep placing the max bet. Lose? Drop down to the next lowest bet.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that this strategy isn’t ideal if your goal is to profit large by hitting a massive progressive jackpot. Usually, if that’s your goal, you’ll definitely want to bet the max all the time—because no one wants to hit the jackpot while betting the minimum and spend the rest of the night wondering “what if?”

But if your goal is to conserve your bankroll and test the waters, Up the Steps is a great strategy that could land you a lot of coin.

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