Planning Your New Year’s Celebration Casino Style


Well people, once again time has flown by. We always begin the year looking at the 31st of December like it is so far away, so many days until the holidays again. We live our daily lives and work on our projects, whatever they may be, and we begin to forget or lose focus on how many days are left in the year before we can celebrate the New Year once more.

Now this time of the year is upon us yet again, therefore it is time to celebrate! If you have never organized a New Year’s party before, this may be the year to do so in style; if you have thrown a New Year’s party before, then throwing a New Year’s celebration casino style should be a snap. It is a great theme for this kind of party and will really spice up the night.

Preparing the casino theme

innertheme01122014Gathering all the things you need for a New Year’s celebration casino style is much easier than it may sound, and it covers all the aspects that a good party needs all at once. There is no theme like a casino theme for you New Year’s Eve bash. It has everything any good party needs like entertainment, found in the gambling aspect of the theme, and fun decorations. The glitz of the casino combined with the glamour of New Year’s Eve is just what the doctor ordered to welcome this New Year!

It is of utmost importance to send every guest a nice invitation to your party. A personalized New Year’s casino invitation is a great option! You can find some ideas for invitations on the internet and even print or order them online. Another good idea to make your invitations extra special is to put some plastic poker chips in the envelopes along with the invitations.

If you like you can order a relatively inexpensive personalized casino banner to put outside your house to welcome everyone with. If you do decide to do this, the banner should be a waterproof one. Then, of course, you need to add fun casino theme decorations around the party area. Red, green and black balloon bouquets are good colors for a casino style celebration. You can also create little paper signs telling people where the different casino games are for their entertainment pleasure. Here are some other fun decorations:

  • Dice Lights are perfect around doorways and over the buffet/bar.
  • Make a great impression by hanging a combination of Card Dangles and New Year Danglers from your ceiling; they should go with the color scheme.
  • A New Year’s Banner over the buffet or bar is a good idea for a good final detail.

inner1theme01122014Fun New Year’s hats, horns, noisemakers and confetti are all items that must be at your party. No one ever had a bad time with all that stuff in hand. These are all elements of a successful New Year’s celebration casino style.

It is much better to circulate tasty appetizers and finger food than to serve a big meal. Cover any tables, the buffet and even the bar with some casino-related mantel or a unique casino tablecloth. It is much more convenient to make the food for the situation, since everyone will be walking around while they eat. You can bundle up the plastic silverware with something like dice beads, then the guests can wear them for the duration of the party! Decorate everything! Put lights and confetti on the bar, the tables, and walls. Even light-up cocktail glasses are a great idea.

You will need prizes for the casino games. You can get play money to distribute amongst your guests so they can play the games and get into the theme. You can have the same play money be the prizes or buy poker chip key chains, flashing dice, Vegas pins, or candy to be the prizes. Once the party is over, you need to say thank you for coming in the best way possible. Hand out party favors at the end. The key is to personalize your party and make sure that even if your guests don’t win anything, they will have had a memorable time at your New Year’s casinos celebration. Have a Happy New Year!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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