Quick poker strategies to help you play better, online and live

Check? Call? Raise? All in? It can be confusing to know what move to make when you’re playing poker. There are loads of articles to help you understand basic poker strategies, but we’ll save that for the peer-to-peer online poker sites to deal with. We’re more concerned with the very quick strategies you can implement right now to make sure you’re playing smart. The strategies differ based on which type of poker you’re playing, but they’re immediately implementable, so read on.

Online Poker

inneronline07112014If you’ve ever played live poker, it can be tough to remember a hand that happened last week, especially if it wasn’t a Bad Beat type of hand. But the key to getting better at poker is to look at your past mistakes. Football players do it, reviewing tapes of old games before they face certain opponents. While in live poker it’s just not possible, it is when you play online. Take advantage of hand histories and poker tracking software. These tools can let you review old hands to see what you did wrong and what you did right. And it can help you build a profile on other players so you know exactly how a specific player approaches a hand.

Live Casino Video Poker

innerlive07112014While a playing strategy is important, it’s equally important to pick the right machine. At a lot of casinos around the world, drinks are free. Sometimes, people spill their drinks on the machines. And that could lead to sticky buttons. That’s not necessarily a huge deal when you’re playing a slot machine. But when you’re playing video poker and need to control which cards to hold, it could be an issue (you don’t accidentally want to hold the wrong cards). Yes, some video poker machines are touchscreen, but others rely on buttons, so make sure you check first.

Video Poker

innervideo07112014The same video poker you play in Las Vegas can be played online at Slots of Vegas. We’re going to let you in on a little secret though. Not all video poker machines are created equal. Yes, everything is always random, but each game comes with a different payout schedule. For example, in some games payouts for a Royal Flush are bigger than others because of the absence of wild cards. But if you take the time to calculate the odds of hitting a Royal Flush, it might be worthwhile playing the machines with lower payouts. We’ve set our payouts very fairly, but some online casinos play with the numbers a little, so make sure you check them first.

Colin Jones

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