Shows in Las Vegas that Should Have a Slots Version

Las Vegas is the premier destination for gamblers around the world to experience the incredible pomp and circumstance that can surround the casino industry. Sure, players in Sin City have ample opportunity to indulge in some of the world’s most popular casino games, but the Las Vegas experience goes beyond simple gambling to create a wonderland of sensory attractions that is available every day of the year. Whether you want to take a gondola ride around the canals of Venice or step inside of a giant pyramid, there’s only one desert city that should be on your travel itinerary.

One of the most popular types of attractions in Las Vegas is the stage show, and the selection on offer is second-to-none. For fans of amazing visuals or some of the world’s most recognizable entertainers, a few nights in Vegas can be a real dream come true. What if these shows were available without the hefty ticket prices? Today, we’re going to take a look at some classic Las Vegas shows that would make amazing slot machines. If you’ve always dreamed of blending the pageantry of world-class entertainment with the simplicity and appeal of the one-armed bandit, this is the article for you!

Cirque du Soleil

innercirque0112016First things first, Cirque du Soleil doesn’t technically refer to a single show, but a group of performances taking place in venues throughout Vegas. While each show is completely independent and unique, they all offer a level of visual stimulation that’s difficult to top. According to the official Las Vegas website, the top three fan favorites being operated in Las Vegas currently include ‘O’, ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ and ‘Mystére’. ‘O’ is ideal for people who enjoy the wild world of aquatics. In this mesmerizing performance, acrobats perform high-flying stunts over water, creating truly magical visuals. ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ is the obvious choice for Michael Jackson fans, as well as music lovers in general. The show is high-energy and loaded with exciting tricks centered on the life and career of the King of Pop. ‘Mystére’ was the first Cirque du Soleil show to open in Las Vegas, so its appeal is timeless. The visuals on display provoke laughter, amazement and wonder throughout the show.

Cirque du Soleil slots would undoubtedly feature incredibly beautiful graphics and mystifying themes. You might not know exactly what’s going on throughout the game, but when it’s over, you’ll be sure to experience a sense of satisfaction. Just imagine acrobats swooping across the screen to reward big combinations. While you’re at it, a moonwalk or two couldn’t hurt!

Absinthe at Caesars Palace

innerabsinthe01112016‘Absinthe’ is hailed as the only show that’s just as enchanting as the popular drink with the same name. Luckily for those who’d prefer not to dance with the famous green fairy that’s synonymous with absinthe, ‘Absinthe’ offers all of the stimulation of the liquid-induced trance without the mind-altering side effects. The show is hosted by a crass yet charismatic character referred to as the Gazillionaire. His voice serves as the backdrop to a wide assortment of specialty acts that are reminiscent of a classic traveling circus. If you like old-world burlesque, amazing feats of strength and agility and some creative twists on classic routines, then this is your show. Before booking your tickets, however, it’s worth noting that the subject matter is a bit more mature than some of the other shows on the Strip. Going with Grandma might not be a good idea, unless you don’t mind a few red-faced moments.

As a slot, ‘Absinthe’ would offer players beautiful throwback graphics that would transport them to a turn-of-the-century circus-style spectacle. This machine would take advantage of minimum gambling age by pumping in plenty of naughty, racy and over-the-top features to get your blood pumping while pursuing a big win. Hit the jackpot, and you’ll be ready to begin your pursuit of a few glasses of absinthe. It’s the perfect way to complete your gaming adventure.

Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo

innerblue01112016Plenty of time is spent discussing the visuals of a show, but slots also feature a healthy supply of audio stimulation. For that reason the Blue Man Group would serve as the perfect foundation upon which to construct an awesome slot machine. The Blue Man Group show has been described as a soundtrack with a show, meaning that, at its very core, this show is all about the music. The disembodied narrators of the show create pulse-pounding beats by using incredibly inventive instruments constructed from objects you’d never expect. Add in some crazy lighting and special effects, and you’ve got a show that eliminates the language barrier on its way to taking a look at some serious social issues.

So, how would Blue Man Group translate into a slot machine? We’re thinking that an awesome soundtrack would be a great place to start. As for symbols, having the members of the group serve as scatter symbols seems like a no-brainer. Land all three on the reels in a single spin, and the drumbeat ushers in an exciting feature capturing the spirit of this popular show. After a while, this machine would be sure to get even the most reserved players into the spirit on the way to a big time win.

When it comes to shows in Las Vegas, the ones listed above are truly the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities for show-themed slots are nearly endless, so let your imagination run wild. Would you take a seat at a Carrot Top slot for a few minutes of prop comedy? How about a Penn & Teller slot for a look behind the curtain of the magical world of magicians? While there are many choices, there’s one thing that’s for sure; the opportunity to win big while enjoying some of the most attractive features of a show would be too good to miss. Instead of paying the big bucks to land a seat in the audience, you’d be able to participate and even bring home some extra dough. That’s definitely a win-win!

Susan Sedlak

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