The History Behind: Stupid casino games names so stupid it’s clear why they didn’t catch on

You’ve probably haven’t heard of the ridiculous name some clever dude thought for Casino War so it wouldn’t sound so violent. And wait until you read about some of the casino games names that were so stupid, it’s no wonder they didn’t catch on at any casino.

Casino Diplomatic Relations

innerdinplomatic16032015Casino War is not the most popular card game. But it’s fun to play, primarily because it’s a game we all played as kids, now brought to life in an amazing gambling format. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a case of you versus the dealer, high card wins. If you have the same card against the dealer, you go to war with another card.

And although Casino War is definitely is fun, some people don’t like the word “war”, which is why some genius came up with Casino Diplomatic Relations. Instead of going to war against the dealer, you negotiate your bet back. How you do so is up to you. It could be a case of offering to bet double on the next hand if you lose. Clearly, the game is stupid so we’re not surprised you can’t play this at a casino.

Red Jack

innerredjack16032015You’ve heard of Blackjack. After all, it’s one of the most popular card games at land-based and online casinos. When you get a Blackjack, you automatically win (assuming the dealer isn’t showing an Ace or 10). Getting a Blackjack means getting an Ace and a 10 or face card. The color of these cards doesn’t matter. There are some bonus bets that pay out extra, like if you hit two Queens (lucky ladies) or if you hit three cards that add up to 21, and so on.

But back in the day, one casino game creator tried to pitch Red Jack to a casino. It’s just like Blackjack, only for a Blackjack to qualify, they have to either contain a Jack or both be red cards. The idea was interesting, but the game was so confusing that no one played. We don’t blame them.

Beer Pong Roulette

innerbeerpong16032015OK, we know this one isn’t a card game but we couldn’t resist (it is a casino game, so hear us out). If you’ve ever been to the old O’Sheas in Las Vegas, you know that the casino is geared towards a young crowd. Where else can you take a break from $1 Blackjack to grab a Whopper Combo at Burger King, which happens to be steps from the Blackjack tables? The new O’Sheas still aims for that young crowd scene, but is not much like the original.

Did you know that prior to O’Sheas shutting their doors, someone had the bright idea to bring in Beer Pong Roulette? It never did materialize. And it’s clear why. The game is just like Roulette, only instead of placing chips down on the felt, the board is replaced with beer cups. And instead of chips, you use balls with dollar values on them. And instead of placing your balls in the cup, you bounce them just like in Beer Pong. We’re glad this one never came to fruition, though it would make for a killer home game.

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