The Patrons of the Casino


It has always struck me as strange on how the patrons of the casinos are whether online or in person. I have been at many casinos in my life and the one thing that stuck out was how the patrons are with you whether you win, lose, or just break even. Besides going to the casino to play on the slots or at the tables, my greatest experience lies in what I am told by the patrons sitting next to me at the games.

I started going to a casino quite a few years ago and had never stepped foot in one until then, so the first game I visited a casino, I put my money in, sat down and looked at the machine for a while before the person next to me said, “you have to push the button to get it going.” I just looked at them at first trying to figure out what they were trying to do and as it turned out, they were trying to help me. I was shocked! I thought that most people that went to the casino were there for themselves and not for helping others, I was wrong.

They explained to me the way the machine worked and told me to start with the smallest bet and work my way up to max bet if I wanted to, not that I had to do the max bet at all. So I gave it a shot and sat and played there for hours winning and losing and winning again. The same person had noticed that I was still there and came back over by me and asked how it was going. This person told me that I should see what else the casino has to offer and not stay on the same machine as I will not keep winning but eventually I would end up losing it all. That was a very helpful person and that started my strategy of the casino games. Through the years, I have had people also come up to me and tell me that once in a while you need to take your bet and increase it to the next level for a few rounds and then bring it back down and go up and back down and they were right, I found that I could win more that way than when I was just at one level.

I have also had my share of watching patrons that were on a slot machine, and they would put almost their last dollar in to see if they could “hit” the big one and when they didn’t, got off the machine and someone else got on the game and within the first couple of spins they would start winning the bigger pots then the patron prior would get really upset. I asked one person why they got so upset about this and they told me that they weren’t upset about the person now winning, but they were upset because they went through their money in one machine and not more than that. I have seen patrons so upset that they left the casino crying and screaming that they would never return again.

A couple of years ago, I started playing online casinos and that gives you a different feeling about playing. I wasn’t there to watch people playing and figuring out how they are doing it but getting my own strategy down and found that I really liked it and not only that but that I could do it from the comfort of my own home. As I started on Facebook, I found that there are online casinos that I play at and I like the fact that they are willing to share free chips and advice all around. The patrons on the casino sites are also friendlier with comments and some again not so.

The patrons of the casinos, whether a an online casino or in person, really do make up the experiences that you have or that you can make.

Angelia McGlothin

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"I love playing at the casinos

  • This is so true about people. I really liked it.

  • I completely agree.

  • I completely agree with this.

  • Jeremy Connors

    I never thought about casino’s like that, I assumed the same, that the going patrons were there for only themselves and the only good advice you could get would be from not the others playing but the friends you brought in with you. I may just go and try my hand after reading this.

  • Well said and oh so true!

  • ive gone to a few casinos and ive had a few people help me as well…so i definitely agree with what you are saying…i was very shocked and happy that people were being so helpful…ive never played online casinos but i think i might start when i have the time…just for the experience

  • Cassandra Frank

    This is a really unique blog. Hardly ever do I hear comments from this perspective, normally the people are extremely rude! I will have to take you with me next time I go! 🙂

  • David Woods

    I have never been to a casino but it sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll try one out online and if I like it, I’ll have to check it out in person. Hopefully the people are nice like they are to you.

  • I have met a quite a few helpful and friendly people while visiting casinos. Whille reading this blog it reminded of my first trip to a casino. I had no clue what I was doing.

  • Barbara Woods

    It has been years since I’ve been to the casino but I loved going. People were always so nice. Maybe it’s just because I’m so social! This blog makes me want to go and very soon! 🙂

  • Hunter Woods

    Rock on! I can’t wait til I go! Sounds fun!

  • marni woods

    i havent been to a casino for a long time. ive been planing a trip back.and this is actually making me get excited to go back.

  • Laura Frank

    I find that, in most situations, people do tend to be very helpful. I’ve had help at the casinos and some very interesting conversations. You will always get people who are selfish and rude. For the most part, however, I think people enjoy helping others because it makes them feel good. Ignore any nasty comments over your fortune, and listen to the ones that are actually happy for you and not just jealous.

  • I have only been to a casino once in my life i had a good time but didnt win anything my sister on the otherhand won over 500 dollars wish i knew how she did it.

  • I love going to the casinos and have always had fun. I have tried the onlline casinos and I like them but haven’t gone on in quite a while. I wish I had more time to spend either onlline or in person.

  • I love this post. I can’t believe on how true this really is. I have been to the casino a couple of times in my life and both times I had people either showing me how the machine works or giving me hints on how to win and they greatest thing was when I won a small jackpot from the help of people.

  • I want to have fun at the casino

  • I would like to have dun at the casino when i turn 21

  • I havent had the experince of going to the casino but hopefully one day i will not that

  • Joshua

    People in the casino are hardly rude. I always see them next to me with a smile and are always joking around. I have tons of fun in the casino.

  • Janet

    Interesting perspective. I wish I could have found some of the nice patrons when I went. I don’t seem to have much luck with the machines or the people. I’m glad you have found it a fun experience. Happy slotting!

  • I have read the other blogs and found this one more interesting as it has the other patrons in it.

  • Cassandra Frank

    I think you have a positive, interesting perspective when it comes to patrons at a casino. I have always had bad luck the few times I went and people were very rude. Good luck!

  • I enjoyed reading this blog and liked it very much. I liked it very much.

  • very nice blog!

  • Here in Utah, we don’t have casinos. You have to travel into Nevada. There is a city of few in Wendover, NV. Most of the people that go are from, you guessed it…UTAH!! It is only 2 hours from Salt Lake City and so easy to get to. This is the type of people you typically see. There is a select number of the ones that are rude and obnoxious, but aren’t we all there for the same thing? You hit it on the head!

  • I love how people are in the casinos. Makes time there a lot of fun.


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