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If you are anything like me, you do not get tired of casinos and gambling. On my down time, if I am not gambling, I am usually on the Slots of Vegas blog or in YouTube looking up strategies and interesting plays. I also enjoy vegging out in front of the television and ordering some nice take out for a relaxing night at home. Some of my favorite shows (yes, you guessed it by the title) have to do with gambling and the vibrant Vegas environment or show fun new ways to experiment gambling. Check them out and let me know if you like them.


Las Vegas: This TV series has become is one of the most popular shows about the Strip in the last 20 years. The show revolves around the management team of the Montecito Casino, which does not exist in real life, believe me, I checked. Ed Deline, the president of operations of the casino is played by renowned actor James Caan. I have been a fan of the Godfather since I was little, so the presence of Caan in the cast was what attracted me at first about the show. As I started watching it, I was super hooked with its seductive plot which revolves around all the schemes and turns that can occur at a real casino and how the team has to stop cheaters and extortionists to take advantage of the Montecito. Besides Caan, the cast also features great actors like Josh Duhamel and Vanessa Marcil.


Celebrity Poker Showdown: This hilarious masterpiece is definitely an oldie but a goodie. Although this show is not on TV anymore, many episodes can be found and streamed online. For those of you that do not remember it, this show played on Bravo for five seasons and it taught many of us the particulars of poker and how to play it. The premise of the show is a tournament in which celebrities played poker for their charity of choice. At the end, the winner classified to the ultimate poker tournament, where they could win from $100,000 up to $500,000 for a noble cause. The show was hosted by funnyman Dave Foley and it featured poker expert Phil Gordon, who gave interesting poker tips and comments to the audience. Man, I loved to see the snarky comments that the celebrities threw at each other and their funny occurrences!


Rake: This was a short-lived Fox show that only lasted for 13 episodes and, let me tell you, I was super mad when they cancelled it! The show follows the life of lawyer Keegan Deane, played by The Soup and Little Miss Sunshine’s Greg Kinnear, who is battling with a serious gambling addiction and all the problems that it carries for his personal and professional life. This show had a lot of potential and kept me at the edge of my seat all season. Sadly, it did not get a proper following which is why Fox decided to cancel it after only one season.

I hope that networks continue to release gambling inspired shows because they are a real treat for hardcore gamblers like me! How about you? If you want to take a break from playing and winning money at Slots of Vegas, these shows are good ideas to kick back and relax with your friends or by yourself. Let me know what you think of them and happy surfing guys!

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