How to Manage Your Blackjack Limits Like a Pro


Not surprisingly, Blackjack is the most popular table game on the planet. Blackjack is a game of chance that also requires some strategy (more than poker, actually), an idea of odds and percentages, and a knowledge of the Blackjack table limits in your casino of choice.

What are Blackjack limits, you ask?


Blackjack limits are put in place to squeeze the most money possible out of each game, and to decrease the overall chance of the casino losing money. If you can only bet $50 per hand, if you win, your chances of walking away with $10,000 of the casino’s money is slim to none. Because the amount of space at the table is limited, the house will require a minimum and maximum table betting limit depending on the house edge. Because the house edge in Blackjack is pretty high, the table limit can be anywhere starting from $2. Though the Blackjack minimum is $2, the payout is only 6:5.

For other table games, especially ones with a lower house edge, the table limit might be in the thousands. For instance, there are a few tables at the Golden Nugget casino with a maximum table limit of $15,000! Can you imagine betting that much money on a single hand of Blackjack? Can you imagine winning that bet? You’d be rolling in cash and looking for the nearest sports team for sale. Well, we can dream, can’t we?!


So, to manage your Blackjack limits you need to know how much money you can bet at the table where you are playing, the payout, and the house edge. To learn how to manage your Blackjack limits online where the typical casino house odds aren’t based on fluctuating odds, you should send an email to the online gaming site and ask them what the house edge is for their different Blackjack games. With this information, you can determine which Blackjack game will give you the best odds of winning while still having the lowest Blackjack limit.

Playing Blackjack is more than just game play strategy, although strategy is always a benefit, it is also about managing your Blackjack table limits like a pro so you can win and win and win and get the most money out of your bets.

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