How to play Las Vegas 3 Card Rummy


One of the most played games here at Slots of Vegas is a very easy to and cool variation of the standard Poker you and I know, its name Las Vegas 3 Card Rummy. A couple of things that make this game so unique are 1. The game is played with only 3 cards, as the name implies and 2. The lesser points you make, the more chances of winning you get.

In Las Vegas 3 Card Rummy, you don’t win by getting the highest score, on this interesting game you get to win by scoring the least amount of points, sounds a bit funny and confusing, but actually makes the game quite thrilling.


Each of the cards has a point assigned which ranges from zero to ten. At the beginning of each hand an Ante bet has to be placed, and if you want you can place a bonus bet to increase your chances of winning.

The dealer will provide you with 3 cards facing up and 3 cards facing down. You must remember that the idea is to get the least amount of points possible and the dealer’s hand must be worth 20 points or less in order for you to win. In order to be able to see the dealer’s hand, you have to bet an amount equal to the Ante bet. If by checking your hand you don’t want to continue, all you need to do is fold.


The Side Bet

The Side Bet is sort of like a bonus vet you can place. What you need to do with this bet is to match your hand with the pay table. If your hand matches the pay table you win the big bucks, and when we say big bucks, we mean it: the payout of this bet can be as high as 100:1!

The bonus bet needs to be made prior to each deal, so be comfortable with your decision to make as it is in fact quite a gamble.

The House Edge

On Las Vegas 3 Card Rummy the house edge has been calculated at 3.23% on the Ante bet in most cases. It is well known that in about two-thirds of all cases players do raise their bets to see the dealer’s hand, when this happens, keep in mind that the house’s advantage moves up slightly to 3.46%.

Now, last but not least, the house advantage of the Bonus Bet has a margin of 3.54%.

As you can see, Las Vegas 3 Card Rummy is quite easy to play, and you can earn big by playing this game. Are you ready to try it out with us?

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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