The coolest new specialty games strategies

Think playing online casino games is entirely dependent on luck? Think again. There’s a lot you can do to swing Lady Luck in your direction. Today, I’m covering three very cool new specialty games strategies that every player, new and old, should pay attention to.

Roulette – Three Two System

Everyone is familiar with betting black or red while playing roulette. Or putting money on evens or odds. And you’ve probably already heard about upping your bet when you lose and lowering it when you win, or vice versa. But if you combine that bet with betting the columns, you could come out ahead. Betting 2 units on the second column and 3 units on red is a good idea. Alternatively, you could bet 2 units on the third columns and 3 units on black. By betting on this combination, you’re effectively covering 70% of the roulette board with every bet. If both bets pay out, you’ll walk away with a gigantic 7-unit profit.

Keno – Don’t be afraid of fewer numbers

You might not think that Keno has much of a betting strategy. After all, it’s a lot like playing the lottery. But the truth is you can maximize your potential for profit by betting fewer numbers. The latest trend has keno players playing as few numbers as possible. The odds of hitting your numbers drop, but your potential for higher payouts increases should you hit them. That’s because catching 5 of 8 numbers would pay you out way more than catching 6 of 15 numbers.

Multiplayer Roulette – Watch & Learn

I know I already covered Roulette here, but Slots of Vegas also offers Multiplayer Roulette. Instead of playing by yourself at a table, you get to play at the same table as other casino players. This presents an amazing opportunity for developing your own betting fantastic betting strategy. That’s because you can watch other players and see how they bet. If you see another player stacking their chips higher and higher, watch to see what kind of unique betting combinations they’re making.

Remember, you can try all these strategies out for free at Slots of Vegas. It’s free to play many of our games, so create your account and get started now.

Jeff D. Wilhoite

Jeff Wilhoite is a California based writer, but most of all, he is a dedicated casino player. With years of experience, he is the man to go when looking for spot on advice when it comes to casino games.


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