A different kind of sports betting opportunity is coming to Atlantic City


After losing market share to neighboring states, Atlantic City is trying to reinvent itself. And one specific casino seems to be doing a better job than others. Borgata, a land-based casino that’s on par with the nicer Vegas properties like Bellagio, has decided to host its first skill-based competition.

Sure, poker is a game of skill, but it does involve an element of luck. The new competition Borgata is hosting is all about skill. Physical skill that an amateur could never dream of winning. And it doesn’t involve any playing cards whatsoever.

Borgata has just received permission to host a basketball contest at some point in March. While the dates haven’t yet been announced, I imagine it’ll run alongside March Madness to get people excited about the NCAA competition.

innerborgata17022015For a small $20 buy-in, contestants can enter the first-of-its-kind tournament. They’ll compete in 90-second rounds for a spot in the final round-of-16 competition, which runs in the familiar bracket format. At stake is $10,000 to be split among the final four, with $5,000 of that earmarked for first place.

Players will toss free throws from a distance of 15 feet. The height of the net will be 10 feet and regulation-size basketballs will be used. The best part? The contest is open to anyone 21 years of age and older. Theoretically, this means pro basketball players can enter the competition.

While we likely won’t see an influx of NBA players taking part in the competition (they don’t exactly need a top prize of $5,000), I expect to see some solid college basketball players (former or current) enter the contest.
At Slots of Vegas, we could never even dream of hosting this type of competition. After all, every one of our games is completely virtual, so it’s impossible to host a skill-based competition like basketball. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same type of experience.

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