Everything at Riviera must go…and pieces of Vegas worth owning

The famous Riviera Hotel has officially closed its doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get inside and relive history. It turns out the hotel is holding a liquidation sale. Everything must go. I’m talking everything. Light fixtures. Flat-screen TVs. Vacuum cleaners. Mini fridges. Beds. Chairs. Everything.

innerriviera15052015There are some pretty cool once-of-a-kind fixtures that might interest history buffs, though. In the lobby, there’s a large 3-tiered hexagonal chandelier dangling from the ceiling that could be yours for $4,300. There are even brass letters for sale, plus a baby grand piano and a hotel ice machine.

If these items sound good to you, just remember that this is more than a hotel. It’s a legendary hotel casino that housed some true legends.

Enter the Riviera’s comedy club and you’ll find black-and-white photos of all sorts of celebrities who performed there, including the late, great Joan Rivers. And there are even secret rooms that have been sealed off to the public for decades but are now accessible.

And then there’s the famous Frank Sinatra room. For fans of old blue eyes, even being in the room for a minute would send shivers up and down your spine.

iinerriviera215052015There’s a ton for sale at Riviera, but this got me thinking. What Las Vegas souvenirs would I love to own if other hotels were to close down. Hey, it might not happen today, but who knows what the future holds? Here’s a look at what I’d love to add to my Las Vegas memorabilia collection.

Statue of David @ Caesars Palace
If Caesars Palace ever closed its doors and held an auction, I’d be first in line to grab the replica of Michelangelo’s David. Imagine how crazy that would look on my front lawn (spoiler alert: I don’t live in a house, but it would look pretty fantastic on my balcony).
iinerdavid18052015Fiori Di Como @ Bellagio
Enter the lobby of Bellagio and look up. That’s what I want in my bedroom. It’s an amazing glass structure called Fiori di Como, created by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. It features 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Statue of Liberty @ New York New York
You know what would look great next to my Statue of David? Lady Liberty. The famous New York New York hotel in Las Vegas has a half-size replica, so if the hotel ever closes its doors, I’m grabbing that during the liquidation sale. And if someone beats me to it, there are tons of New York-themed trinkets inside worth taking, like NYC street signs, Big Apple-style garbage cans, and very cool signage.

What would you love to own from Las Vegas? Are there any hotels that you’d love to recreate at home? Tweet this article or comment on Facebook and let us know which Las Vegas souvenirs you’d love to call your own.

Colin Jones

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