High-roller hijacks casino cameras and makes off with 33 million USD

This week, one of Australia’s biggest casino went through a terrible situation went it fell victim to a USD$33 million scam. According to The Verge, the surveillance systems supply a high-roller with private information on how he should make his moves, tricking the system against the casino.

Another source, The Herald Sun, says the scammers somehow were granted unauthorized access to the casino‘s security systems prior to the situation, even “several weeks ago” by a staff member, whom of course has been removed from his position.


According to these sources the high roller was staying at a very luxurious villa reserved for VIP guests and was exposed over the course of eight hands of cards which were played at a table in an exclusive area of the casino. He was also staying with his family, was removed from his VIP accommodation in the middle of the night, and his betting license was revoked and banned from the casino. He is now back at his home country.

The casino is currently opening an investigation, and they feel they might be in a good position to recover a significant amount of money from the scam.

The most interesting part of this whole ordeal is that authorities are still unaware of how the information collected from the high-resolution cameras was provided to the high roller. A complaint still has to be submitted to the local police.

Sources: The Verge and The Herald Sun

Susan Sedlak

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