In Case You Missed Them: Top Blog Posts Worth Reading

Top slots of vegas post worth reading

We know you visit the website often and spend your time and money having a damn good time playing the best casino games online, but did you know that we also have a pretty awesome blog? If you haven’t visited our blog page before, you have missed quite a few informative and purely entertaining posts.

Because we think you’re amazing and want to make sure you miss nothing, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of our best Slots of Vegas blog posts. To read each blog post, just click on the pink titles and you should be off to have some fun!


Blackjack Lovin’


Mastering the double down might be a winning Blackjack tournament strategy, but to know for sure you’re going to have to play a few games. If you really want to play Blackjack and win, with or without a strategy, you should learn and memorize the odds of winning – it’ll give you the upper hand.

Lots o’ Slots


Slots of Vegas is a website dedicated to making Las Vegas type slots available to players everywhere. With that said, you can win big at slots if you know the winning strategies employed by slot playing masters. These gurus of the “Grab n’ Pull” know what it takes to win, and that knowing the ins and outs of how slot machines work only increases their chances of getting that JACKPOT!

Roaring Roulette


Roulette is a casino game that will leave your head spinning. You can win at roulette, especially if you take some time to learn and understand the game. There are a lot of tutorial videos out there that you can watch, and a great first bit of advice is to learn the differences between playing the American wheel and playing the European wheel.

Livin’ the Crap Life


Despite having a laughable name, Craps is one the easiest casino table games to win. There are tons of winning strategy theories out there, but you won’t find the same game winning tips anywhere but here.

Slots of Vegas is a gold mine for awesome online casino games, big payouts, and gaming tips – but don’t forget that we also have a great blog.

Do you have your own favorite Slots of Vegas blog post you’d like to share? Do you have comments about the ones I’ve included? If there is a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming blog post, let us know! We want to make our members happy!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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