Major casino renovation projects happening across the globe


Forget New Year’s Resolutions. This January is all about New Year’s Renovations. As in casino renovations. And there are lots of them happening all over the world as 2015 shapes up to be the year of casino modernization and major improvements.
In Australia, the new owners of Casino Canberra are turning to Australia to create a new kind of experience for Aussies. Hong Kong billionaire Tony Fung wants to turn the stale casino into a Las-Vegas style property that will include a gaming floor, dining, and nightlife. He bought the property for just $6 million in December. And since it’s not exactly a hallmark Australia casino, there are talks that the new owner might just tear the existing complex down and start from scratch.
innerrenovations206012015Over in Canada, Casino New Brunswick is spending $2.6 million to improve its property. But the money won’t be spent entirely on renovations. About half of the earmarked funds will go towards replacing slot machines. Unlike online casinos like Slots of Vegas that have an unlimited virtual casino floor, land-based casinos have a limited amount of space for slot machines. Because patrons get tired of seeing the same games over and over gain, it’s important for casinos to mix things up and replace aging slot machines with new ones. This is definitely money well spent for Casino New Brunswick.inner306012015
In the grand scheme of things, $2.6 million is peanuts, especially when you compare it to properties spending tens of millions of dollars on renovations. And if you think that type of coin is reserve for Sin City, think again. Over in Mississippi, Golden Moon Hotel and Casino is slated to reopen full-time very soon. The 571-room hotel underwent a $70 million renovation, including modernizing all hotel rooms and expanding the casino floor. The figure rivals what many Las Vegas casinos have spent on renovations in recent years, so you can expect something spectacular.

There are loads of casino renovations happening all over the planet. And at Slots of Vegas, we’re no different. Yes, we’re an online casino. But we revamp and enhance our casino floor on an almost-monthly basis with new casino games. We launched a bunch of new ones in November and December, so check them out and see what’s new.

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