Native American standoff closes casino until further notice


You’ve heard of the term one-armed bandit, but this completely changes the game. Slots players at the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino in Coarsegold, California were sent running with buckets of coins in hand after tribal factions showed up carrying weapons.

Sounds scary? It is. And it’s confusing. But the tribes meant players no harm. Instead, they were going after each other, standing their ground for control and ownership of the casino.
inner116102014A faction was recently forced out of the casino to a tribal business center, located nearby, back in August. They showed up at the casino last week, staking claim to a piece of the casino and staring down the other faction.

Both factions controlled different parts of the casino and neither was willing to leave – an obvious assessment made by the fact that they were brandishing weapons.

Police were called and a US District Judge shut down the casino. Normally Native American casinos are under the control of various tribes, and that was still the case. But thanks to state compacts formed between the state and the tribes, there are rules and laws that need to be abided by. That fact allowed the judge to shut down the property, responding to an emergency request by the Attorney General.

inner216102014The tribe that was ousted said they just wanted to recover some audit information from the property and avoid a shutdown of the casino. The Gaming Commission said they would close the casino if the tribe didn’t hand over audit info and other financial docs by October 27th. They’re actually 18 months overdue for an audit, so it’s definitely about time.

These sort of shenanigans usually don’t happen at casinos, Native American, state-run, or privately run, so don’t let this even deter you from enjoying a night out at your favorite local casino.

Of course, if your local favorite casino was Chukchansi Gold Resort in California, you’re out of luck until the casino is given the green light to reopen. We’ll keep you posted on when that happens, but in the mean time feel free to play at any of the hundreds of other California casinos. Or go right ahead and enjoy some online action at Slots of Vegas where weapons will never be brandished in your face.

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