New Connecticut Governor wants to extend last call


Did you know you can drink and gamble 24/7 in Atlantic City? The state doesn’t cut off alcohol service on the casino floor. In New York State, liquor is available until 4am, so feel free to enjoy a cocktail or two well into the night. In Massachusetts, last call is 2am, leaving plenty of time for late night gamblers to drink while having fun. That 2am cutoff time could be extended as casino developers lobby for a change in the law.

Still 2am isn’t bad, especially when you compare it with Connecticut. In that state, last call at the casino is at midnight. I’m a bit confused because midnight is usually about the time that I enjoy my first drink. And I’m guessing there are lots of people like me.

innerdrinks04122014The new CEO of Foxwoods Resort Casino, Felix Rappaport, agrees and wants the state to change last call for casinos. He feels that the 12am cutoff time puts them at an extreme disadvantage.

Foxwoods was once a mecca of live gambling. It still is the largest casino resort in North America, but business isn’t what it used to be with residents of neighboring states opting to stay on their home turf. The midnight alcohol cutoff time isn’t much of a help.

“I’m not sure being able to play blackjack until 2 or 3 morning and get a drink is a bad thing,” noted the Foxwoods CEO in a media interview. “I think at the very least we ought to look at it because it’s a competitive disadvantage.”

innerdrinks204122014I have absolutely no problem extending the last call in Connecticut, as long as it’s done responsibly. I don’t think land-based casinos should get a last-call exemption while other businesses are forced to stop serving at midnight. If alcohol were to be served well into the night at Foxwoods, the same should go for bars and nightclubs in the state.

Up in Ontario, Canada, last call is 2am, but drinks aren’t free on the casino floor. Perhaps the state can opt to serve alcohol beyond the 12am cutoff time, but pass a law that would ban giving away free alcohol.

There are so many ways to approach the topic. The good news is the government of Connecticut is looking at various ways to improve economic development in the state. A later last call could be a game changer. Or at least a playing field leveler.

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