Slots Gone Wild! Crazy Cash in the Month of June


Do you want to win some cash? Do you want to play awesome online casino games for next to nothing? Does that sound crazy to you?! YOU’RE RIGHT! IT DOES! We are so excited about this month’s promotion that its literally driven us CRAZY – CASH CRAZY!

No the asylum didn’t lose power and release hundreds of the insane into the streets – we are just that crazy! The month of June is all about getting ready for the crazy celebrations of summer, and what better way to do that than have a seriously mind blowing Slots of Vegas online casino promotional?!

Crazy Cash Crashers!

Slots of Vegas members are the luckiest nut jobs on the planet, and here’s why…you can deposit cash, play your favorite online casino games, and win insane amounts of money simply by entering a code. Yes, Slots of Vegas is run by chimps, genetically altered to develop and maintain online casino sites, and they are practically giving away money to our Crazy Cash Crashers…try and say THAT three times, fast!

The first Crazy Cash offer of June is a 560% bonus on slots and keno games. You deposit at least $70, enter the code: CRAZYCASH560, and play to win mind tripping amounts of money.

If you’d rather stay on this side of totally insane you could always go for our 310% bonus which is good on all Slots of Vegas games. If you want to win, and who doesn’t, you only have to deposit at least $30 into your bank and enter the code: CRAZYCASH310. WATCH OUT the money just might make you check yourself in to the nearest state hospital!

Our least deranged monthly bonus is a nearly reasonable 160% bonus on our casino games – except Blackjack. For a nominal deposit of $30 or more, and the code: CRAZYCASH160, you can play and win!


Totally BONKERS!

This month’s challenge is absolutely BONKERS! When you deposit $30, and enter the code: BONKERS160, you can play our totally crazy BONKERS game using a bonus on 160%, and when you play you get the chance to win a FREE $6,000 casino chip! Yeah, that really is nuts!

VIP Crazies!

Slots of Vegas VIP members are quite possibly the nuttiest of the bunch! This month’s promotions include the following demented bonuses.

You’ll go daft in the noggin with our 630% bonus on our slots and keno games. When you deposit $70 and use the code: CRAZYVIP630, you’ll have truly mad chances at sweet crazy cash!

Our maniacal 380% promotional bonus is good for use on any Slots of Vegas online casino games, but you’ll have to stop the crazy for a second so you can deposit $30 and enter the code: CRAZYVIP380. Once that’s done, you can go back to being unhinged with lots of cash.

The half-baked and totally toasted 230% bonus is especially for any game (except Blackjack), when our nutzo VIP members enter the code: CRAZYVIP230 after depositing $30 or more.

Slots of Vegas has really gone off the deep end with this month’s promotions, so stop by and GO NUTS with our Crazy Cash bonuses!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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