Something to be thankful for: Every day is Black Friday at Slots of Vegas

It’s November! And that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Well, about four weeks away, but who’s counting. Who? We’re guessing you are because, like us, you love Thanksgiving. Spending time with family on that amazing Thursday in November is the second best day of the year.

So what’s the best? Christmas? Heck no. We’re talking about Black Friday, the biggest sales day of the year in the United States where you can snag a 4K TV for a few hundred bucks. Or grab thousands worth of jewelry for pennies on the dollar. Or maybe take advantage of some big discounts on perfume and dresses beyond your wildest dream.

But the thing about Black Friday is that it comes but once a year. At least in the real world. Online, though, it’s a whole different story, especially with the Slots of Vegas Monthly Promotion.

innerblack11042015In November, every day is Black Friday and you can earn a bonus just by hitting our online Black Friday sale any day of the month.

When you enter the special Black Friday store at Slots of Vegas, you’ll see a whole bunch of stuff that you might like to buy. We’re talking purses, boxes of goodies, dresses, anything. Simple click on whatever you like to uncover your Black Friday bonus. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer:

  • A 600% bonus that works on Slots & Keno. It comes with a 30x playhrough requirement and a 10x max cash-out limit. All it takes is $60 or more to take advantage of it.
  • A VIP bonus worth 640$ for slots & Keno.
  • A 230% VIP bonus that works on all allowed games except for Blackjack. This is great if you’re a fan of no playthrough or max cash-out limits.
  • A 350% that’s made just for slots & keno players. There’s no playthrough requirement or max cash-out restrictions, so you’re good to go with a deposit of $50 or more.
  • A 400% bonus for slots & keno games. While the bonus is big, there is a 20x playthrough requirement, plus a 10x max cash-out limit. But the good news is all it takes is $40 to earn this bonus.

It’s not just about getting a big boost on your deposit. It’s about getting free stuff. We know, we know. There’s no way Target would hand out free iPads on Black Friday. But we’re doing it. Not iPads, specifically. No, at Slots of Vegas, we believe that cash is king. So if you look around, you can take advantage of a $100 Free Chip. That’s $100 to play with, on the house, so go nuts.

Every bonus and free chip in our Black Friday sale requires a bonus code, so you’ll need to visit the Black Friday page now to take advantage of it. The good news, though, is that because our Black Friday Sale is virtual, you don’t have to worry about lining up at 3am to snag a deal. And you definitely don’t have to worry about getting into a fight over that last toaster oven. There’s something for everyone and we’ll never run out (until December 1st hits, of course).

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.


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