How Do Bonus Rounds Work in Free Online Slots?

Scatter Symbol

If you love slots then you’re probably used to looking for free online slots with bonus rounds. Everyone knows that like progressive jackpots in video slot games, bonus rounds not only seriously increase your chances of winning at slots, they also add a super fun dimension to the game and help to enhance the game’s theme.

Free online slots with bonus rounds are not hard to come by. In fact, most online casinos offer a large selection of video slots and most of them will offer up a bonus round. In fact, checking to see if there are free online slots with bonus rounds a great way to see if an online casino is a good one or not.

The All-Powerful Scatter Symbol

The key to free online slots with bonus rounds is of course, the key to the bonus round which is none other than the scatter symbol! In online video slots, the scatter is what triggers the bonus round and the way in which it triggers the bonus round depends upon the game. The amount of scatter symbols that appear also determine the prize multiplier that is associated with the bonus round. Usually, the more scatter symbols that appear (which trigger the bonus feature) the higher the prize multiplier is (which simply means that during the bonus round your prizes will be multiplied accordingly).

Free Spin Feature

Types of Bonus Rounds

Online slots offer an assortment of goodies including different ways that players can win additional cash prizes. One type of bonus round is a free game in which the player needs to achieve a goal associated with the theme of the game and once they do, they’re awarded a prize for the next part of the bonus round. For example, this can be a prize multiplier, which would go hand in hand with a free spin feature. The free spin feature, which true to its name, allows players to benefit from a certain number of free spins (usually determined by a previous free bonus game).

Bonus Rounds

Advantages of Bonus Rounds

Free online slots with bonus rounds have a great advantage for players for many reasons. First, they offer a fun and interactive enhancement to the game itself. This really adds to the theme of the game and gives a more “video game” type feel to the video slot machine. Good bonus rounds also include nice design using state-of-the-art graphic technology. Secondly, bonus rounds just offer the chance to win more money. Video slot bonus rounds will allow the player to instantly boost their bankroll and some even offer a guaranteed win feature which means that once the bonus is triggered – you’re guaranteed to walk away a winner!

All in all, you’ll want to seek out free online slots with bonus rounds because they’re more fun and more rewarding. Happy slots playing and good luck!

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