Instant Play vs. Download: Which casino experience is right for you?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Instant Play casinos. And you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t that just an Internet casino?” Yes and no. There are actually two types of online casinos – Instant Play and Downloadable. Slots of Vegas has both types of casinos to choose from.

With Instant Play casinos, you access your favorite casino games through your web browser. There’s no special software to install. Everything happens from your web browser – the same browser you use to surf, shop, bank, and have fun online.

Downloadable casinos offer you the same experience, only instead of playing through your web browser, you access all your favorite games through a dedicated casino app that lives on your desktop. Double-clicking your desktop icon opens the game and gets you fast access to an entire suite of casino games.

Both sound great, right? So how do you know which version to use? We’ve put together a handy guide to show you which option is best based on a number of different scenarios.

Location: At home, on your PC
Best choice: Download

Why: The Instant Play version works just fine, but if you want a more focused online gambling experience, use the download version. While our casino gives you access to the same games on both platforms, the downloadable PC software offers a direct-connect experience. That means here’s no browser to go through, which can often slow things down a bit, depending on your Internet connection and how many browser windows you have open.

Location: On a Mac
Best choice: Instant Play

Why: It’s your only choice at many online casinos, but it’s also a really convenient option. With nothing to download, you get fast access to your favorite casino games from your Safari browser. If you prefer Firefox or Chrome, they work just as great. In fact, after you use Instant Play software from your Mac, you’ll probably want to do the same, even from a PC.

Location: At work
Best choice: Instant Play

Why: If you’re on a work machine, chances are you can’t download software directly on to your PC. If your company lets you visit entertainment websites on your own time, like during lunch for example, use the Instant Play version to access your favorite casino games. Remember, you should check your company policy to see what you can and can’t do from your work computer. If the company prohibits online gaming, even on your own time, please refrain from violating company policy. Of course, you can always access Slots of Vegas on your smartphone or tablet, using your own Internet connection.

Location: At an Internet Café or Library
Best choice: Instant Play
(but we don’t recommend it)
Why: If you’ve got the casino itch while out and about, you might have the urge to play at an Internet café or a public library. While you’re free to use Instant Play, remember that computers at Internet Cafés can be dangerous. They might contain malware or viruses, or even spyware that records your every keystroke. For those reasons, we recommend not playing.

Location: At a friend’s house
Best choice: Download

Why: Most casinos would tell you that Instant Play is right for this scenario, but if your friend is really your friend, they’d let you install Slots of Vegas or another type of casino software on their PC. And if they’re your BFF, chances are they already have Slots of Vegas on their PC. Of course, if they have a Mac, Instant Play is best.

Remember, at Slots of Vegas, one account gets you access to both the Instant Play and the downloadable client. Your account balance goes with you, no matter how you access – even on your smartphone or tablet.

Rose Pratt

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