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Pink might be the official color of Slots of Vegas. But believe us, players can't stop seeing green. And our online casino slots have a lot to do with it. We're Slots of Vegas, and for people who want play slot machines for real money or for free, we're the #1 choice.


From classic 3-reel vegas slot machines with one payline to 5-reel mega slots with bonus  - 30 paylines crisscrossing every direction, we've got every type of internet slots under the sun. In all, you'll find close to 90 different variations, so every second of every day brings you a different thrill.

Real Slot Machine Games To Suit Every Mood

Whatever you're into, you'll find a slot machine that seems like it was designed just for you. Each game is built and designed from the ground up to appeal to different players. Into animals? We've got Builder Beavers, Coyote Cash, and Bulls & Bears to name a few. Into something a little more risqué? Naughty or Nice offers exactly what you're looking for.

Discover Hidden Bonuses

Discover A Whole New World Of Real Money Slot Machines

If you think being able to play online slot machine games instantly is an amazing proposition, wait until you hear this. Many of our one armed bandits come armed with bonus features. That means that if you hit the right combination of symbols, you'll be rocketed into free-play mode where we'll supply the credits and the cash if you win - free. Play slots for real money with bonus games are the most popular type of game, so browse through our games and find one that appeals to you now.

You Could Hit It Big With A Massive Slot Machine Jackpot

If you're like many of our slot machine players, winning credits after each spin isn't even what you're after. Instead, you've got your eye on the big prize - minor and major jackpots worth thousands of dollars! And Slots of Vegas doesn't disappoint. Most of our online casino slots machines come armed with massive jackpots. They're popped randomly, so anyone can win at any time!

Slots of Vegas Winners

Ted plays Slots of Vegas Casino almost every day, he loves our games and he loves the wins that come with them. Ted also likes playing a variety of games from Enchanted Garden to Sweet 16 and this day was no exception.

He generally starts off betting low and steadily raising his bets according to his wins. Ted started by using code THATSMINE to try out or newest slot game Gemtopia with 30 Free Spins and a 250% No Max Bonus on his deposit.

After winning $900 in Gemtopia, Ted moved on to his personal favorite Purrfect Pets and went on to hit the many features in the game, pushing his balance up by a further $10,000. Finally, he went on to play Sweet 16 where, through the morphing feature, which raises the multiplier up to 12x for every win that is made in a row, he made a cool $45,000. Not bad for his daily dabble on Slots of Vegas.

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Play The Best Slot Machine Games - On Us!

Ready to play online slots for real money? Don't think you're playing for nothing because we're giving you free cash to play with! Just download our free software and you'll score a $100 free chip when you create your free account. And if you spend the free $100 chip a little too quickly, there's plenty more where that came from. We'll hand you another 250% match bonus. The free cash never seems to stop at Slots of Vegas - just like the fun!

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Free Slot Machines — Not Available In Vegas

The most obvious advantage of playing free slots on the Internet vs. playing slot machines at a bricks-and-mortar casino is the whole free aspect that our Internet casino offers. Think about it. We challenge you to hit a Las Vegas casino with not one penny in your pocket and try to play some vegas slot machines. Bottom line? You can't. Las Vegas casinos want your money. Even if they offer penny real money slots (which they rarely do), you'll still need real American currency to play.

Not so at Slots of Vegas. We offer over 80 free Internet slots to choose from. So if you've got no cash to spend, it doesn't matter to us. You're free to enjoy as many free slots on the Internet as you can handle, with new slot games constantly added to the regular collection. And they're open 24/7, 365 days a year (or 366 if it's a leap year). We never close!

It's Way More Convenient Than Any Las Vegas Casino

You can't beat the convenience that comes with playing vegas slot machines at Slots of Vegas. Sin City can be expensive, especially if you've got to fly there, stay in a hotel, and eat. You're looking at hundreds, if not thousands, without even factoring in money to enjoy the slots.

With free slots on the Internet at Slots of Vegas, you can access the casino floor with just a click or two—from anywhere with an Internet connection. At home. On a plane (with WiFi). Even from your Vegas hotel room (in case you're out of money and want to play for free).

Get VIP Treatment Before You Even Deposit

To score a complimentary steak dinner at a big Las Vegas casino, you'd need to wager thousands of dollars at the slots. But at Slots of Vegas, you'll score a major bonus before you even play Internet casino slots.

That's because we'll hand you a $100 free chip when you sign up for a free account. You don't even need to make a deposit to score it. Imagining winning free money the second you step into a bricks-and-mortar casino. Still imagining? You will be—for a long time. It doesn't happen. But at Slots of Vegas, free vegas slot machines are a big reality. So download now and enjoy them on us!

New Slotmachine Games To Get Excited About

You've Found The Official Home Of New Slot Games

If you've been struggling to find a place to play the best online slots, we've heard your story before. Most online casinos offer only a handful of slot machines. Other online casinos offer a few dozen, but after about a month or so, things start to feel stale.

Slots of Vegas is way different. We're not just the best place to play new slot games online for free, we're the best place to experience something new. That's because we have nearly 90 online slot machines to choose from, and we add new slot machine games for free every month.

You'll Never Find A Dull Moment With Us

It's not just our fast action that'll leave you breathless. It's that whenever you sign on to Slots of Vegas, you'll find something new. New games. New treasures. New bonuses. New experiences. So when people ask you what's new while you're playing online slots at Slots of Vegas, your answer probably will be, "a lot, actually."

Our Latest Games Will Leave You Speechless

If you think our nearly-90 variations of new slot games online means we have close to 90 different casino slots that involve 270 different varieties of fruit, think again. Here's a look at some of our newest games.

  • Loch Ness Loot — Go hunting for the world's most hunted sea creature and discover enormous wealth along the way.
  • The Three Stooges II — Yup, your favorite wise guys are back, and we've got them right here. Try not to get poked in the eye as you search for big riches on the silver screen.

A New Bonus For New Slot Games Players

We know you'll have our new slot games so much that we're putting our money where our mouth is. When you join Slots of Vegas, you'll score TWO big casino bonuses, just for being a part of our community.

We'll start you off with a $100 chip to play with. And it's yours without depositing. Then, when you're ready to toss some coin into your account, you'll score up to $2,500 in bonus cash with our 250% sign-up match bonus!

Best slot machines to play with Bonus Games

It's all about slots with bonus!

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie in the world of slot machines or a self-proclaimed pro, the first rule to know is that not all slot machines are created equal.
There are a lot more to the machines than the simple difference between the classic reels and a video slot game. Within the mystical realm of video slot machines, there are slots with bonus. And they’re not rare by any means – a lot of the video slots and slots you find online will have these bonus games, meaning if you play online there’s a higher chance of you winning a little extra.

If you’ve ever played a slot game and triggered a feature that takes you to a second screen in the game, then voila! You’ve come across the bonus slot machine. These games give players extra chances to make money, so you could find yourself winning more than your heart’s wildest desires!

Why casinos offer slots with bonus

People love their video slot machines. The lights, colors, and sounds all make for one heck of an experience and it’s hard to imagine yourself getting bored. But if you’ve been at the slots and have watched the reels spin for over half an hour, you can also start to understand just how monotonous the game may become. That’s why bonus slot machines were invented. As it turns out, people will keep at something if it means they are working towards a bigger goal – like, perhaps accumulating enough items or receiving a certain number of scatters to trigger a feature that could award you special prizes.

Bonus features available

A bonus feature is a general term used to describe the different kinds of bonuses available in these games. But there are all sorts of odds and ends when it comes to bonuses offered to you as a player. And believe me, if you’re reading my advice with even a hint of seriousness, you could use them all.

Bonus game

One of the most basic forms of bonus slots are uniquely named a “slot bonus game feature”. You’ll know this when you see it because this feature will take you to a secondary game, whether it’s spinning a wheel or selecting three out of five cards to reveal the prizes hidden behind them. And if you lose the bonus game, your bankroll stays the same. If you win, then your earnings are added to your account and you come out on top. It’s a win-win situation!

Free spins

Another one of the most common features offered by bonus slots is the free spins feature. That might go under the name of the free game feature, but there’s a different twist. This one differs from the bonus game feature because it doesn’t take you to a different screen. Instead, it lets you spin the reels a certain amount of time, as if you were playing the game like you already were, except these spins are free. What’s important to remember is that you love free spins because they operate on gifted credit provided by the casino, so the money is essentially free. I don’t think you’ll find a better deal than absolutely free!

The gamble feature bonus

A special type of bonus slot is called the “gamble feature.” This one is different from the rest because it doesn’t get you to play more of the same slot game with the hope that you’ll get free credits. The gamble feature is a gamble you make with your own earnings, so there is some risk involved. The way it works: there is a secondary game on which you make a bet about the outcome of something. If you guess right, you could potentially double or even quadruple your earnings, but if you lose, then you can lose the money you’ve already earned. If you like to live on the edge, then this is your dream bonus feature. After all, you could bring home up to four times as much money! It’s hard to find a reason not to make the most of the gamble feature.

Arcade style bonuses

On the more technologically-advanced side of the video slot spectrum, there are slot games that offer bonuses in the form of arcade-style features. If you’re a fan of video games, then you’re sure to get a kick out of this kind of feature.

It can take many forms, but the general rule of thumb is that arcade style features have high-quality graphics and interactive components, which not only engage you but give you the feeling that the game is really in your hands. At Slots of Vegas, there are a ton of these fun and high-energy features, such as the ones offered in the bonus slot machines Football Frenzy and Orc vs. Elf.

In Football Frenzy, it’s up to you to choose the right place to kick the ball in order to score the winning goal. By picking one of three spots, your character kicks the ball accordingly and if you get it in the goal, you win big.

In Orc vs. Elf there are a few video game-like components such as choosing whether to cash out or continue on your triggered feature journey, and the battle feature in which your avatar (either orc or elf) fights their opponent to the death. This is a thrilling experience that not only breaks up the potential monotony of spinning reels, but makes players want to keep going until they finally win the biggest prize offered!

A little dose of how to

The first step to making the most of a bonus slot machine is choosing the right game. Each game offers different features and different payouts for those features. If you find yourself living a little on the wild side, a game with a gamble feature might be just your thing. On the other hand, if you want to play it safe and make the most of your bankroll, it may be in your best interest to pick a game that offers a free spin feature.

For bonus slot machines, you can always check the paytables. They tell you what combination of symbols you need to trigger a bonus, and what bonus can bring you prizes. And don’t forget to make sure you know what the payout for these features are, because if you aren’t paying attention, what you might think is a harbinger of money might only give you chump change.

After you choose the bonus slot machine, take the time to figure out the game’s rules. Depending on the slot, a feature can be triggered by a previously established number of scatters that appear anywhere on the reels per spin, or an assortment of items or symbols that are collected over the course of many spins. The rules can vary greatly, and if you know what to look for, the game will become all the more exciting to play. And don’t forget: these are best slot machines to play we’re talking about, but they’re still games with all of the highs and lows of excitement and anticipation.

Bonus slot machines are a great way to make a bang for your buck when hitting the casino floor. The extra credit and money that you can win during these additions to the slot come out of the payout ratio you are initially giving to the casino, so really it’s your chance to take your money back from the big guy.

The only downside to bonus slots are the fact that there are so many games to choose from – you might get overwhelmed by trying them all! The best advice I can give you is to start testing the waters now. In practice mode, you will never have to worry about not knowing the game’s rules before investing your money or clicking a bonus option.

Slots of Vegas has practice mode available for hundreds of top-rated slot games. So, head on over to Slots of Vegas and start searching for your future favorite bonus slot machine today!

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