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Does that long, boring commute on the bus or the subway make you feel like an extra straight out of an episode of The Walking Dead? Well, stop drooling and listen up, zombie. When it comes to passing time on your soul-crushing commute have no fear, because Slots of Vegas is here. Instead of staring at the opposite side of the subway car or the odd characters on the bus for 45 minutes, you can pull out your smartphone and make some money on one of the best mobile online casinos available to you.

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Play online casino on your PC

Slots of Vegas brings you everything you love about the desktop casino version directly to the palm of your hand. With all of your favorite casino games accessible with just a few taps from anywhere in the world, you may forget that you aren't relaxing at home, enjoying the excitement of playing your favorite games on your computer.

What is the difference?

The Slots of Vegas mobile online casino offers the same incredible experience that the desktop version delivers for you on your computer at home. Stunning graphics, smooth game-play, and exciting rewards are all still there – in other words, just because the screen is smaller doesn’t mean the experience is. Whether you’re playing real money slots, blackjack, keno, video poker, baccarat, or anything in between, you’re guaranteed the same awesome game-play that you know and love on your desktop at home. The only difference is the size of the screen. And probably what you’re wearing.

No download needed - play online

The best part of all, Slots of Vegas is accessible through your smartphone’s web browser, so it’s ridiculously easy to find your go-to online mobile casino games – if anything, navigating is made that much easier due to your smartphone’s touchscreen. No more risk of carpal tunnel from scrolling and clicking with your mouse through the desktop site to find your favorite games. You can fully interact with your device’s touchscreen!

Online casino for each smartphone

And because Slots of Vegas is accessed through your the web browser, it doesn’t matter how new or old your smartphone is. You could have the brand-spanking-new iPhone X, an older Samsung, or a Windows phone nearing the end of its life – as long as your smartphone has a functioning web browser, you can access the Slots of Vegas mobile online casino anytime, anywhere. Sorry, traditionalists – no Nokia bricks allowed here.

Special casino promotions for mobile devices

Plus, to make playing on the go even sweeter, Slots of Vegas offers special offers for mobile players, like a free $25 chip, free spins, and other bonuses that make logging on during your slow commute an even better idea than it already is.

A word of caution, though: don’t get too lost in the excitement of your favorite games. It could cause you to miss your bus or subway stop by several miles, if you’re not careful. And I don’t think the boss will take, “I was gambling on this really sweet mobile online casino called Slots of Vegas and totally missed the stop,” as an excuse for being late. But, if you show him the site, he’d probably come around.

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