Real-Time Gaming are pleased to reveal the loveable, fuzzy creature known as Cubee, in this brand-new slots game from Slots of Vegas! Cubee differs from traditional slots, as there are no reels or paylines! Rather, you must time travel through 3 ancient eras; the Stone Age, Era of the Pirates, and the Viking Age, while going up against Cubee’s archenemy, Rocco. You’ll have to use clubs, axes and swords in order to overcome Cubee’s nemesis. But don’t fret! Along the way you’ll gather free games, free spins and multipliers, all of which can be played in one big bonus explosion during the final stage of the game. Cubee is a game of fun, patience, and persistence. You’ll soon be well on your way to winning big and taking home those incredible prizes and bonuses! Get ready for the unique and exhilarating slot game that is Cubee! A world of fun and riches awaits! In the one-of-a-kind Cubee slots game, you’ll uncover the most enchanting prizes and rewards! There are no scatters or wilds to be concerned with, you are presented with 8 levitating symbols instead. Some of these symbols are formed up of weapons to destroy Rocco and advance onto the next stages. As Cubee consumes smaller enemies and power-balls, he becomes larger in size and an even more powerful force! This exciting and extraordinary game, features the most clear-cut graphics and sound, and boasts the most lucrative rewards! The top prize in Cubee is 50,000 x your total bet!


This new and extraordinary, no-reel Cubee slots game can be played online for free, as well as for real money! Sign up with a $30+ deposit and receive a 240% NO Max Bonus and 40 Free Spins or a 260% bonus for a $50+ deposit and 50 Free Spins! Simply use the code CUBEETIME.

Special Features

  • No reels and 8 floating symbols
  • Pirate Era triggers the Free Games feature
  • Bonuses triggered at the 4th level of the game
  • Top award is 50,000 x the total bet
250% DEPOSIT BONUS + 30 FREE SPINS Make your deposit and claim your bonus with the Coupon Code: CUBEETIME Play now

How to play

Once you’ve started the game, simply pick your wager amount by clicking the + and - symbols at the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve set your amount, hit Spin. We recommend betting max coins to get the biggest potential payout. It won’t be long before you advance through the levels and start accumulating those awesome bonuses and multipliers. Then, at the end of the game, all of these features explode at once! Giving you more chances to win big. Flick the Autoplay feature to get the machine to spin for you! Sit back, relax and watch the wins roll in!

Technical Specs

Cubee is a no-reel slot game with 8 floating symbols. All bonuses and multipliers gathered during the game are played at the end of the 3 ages. There are huge prizes to be won throughout, and a 50,000 x total bet as the top reward! Play Cubee on your PC, Mac or mobile device today.
$ 691680.34

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