5 Diamond Blackjack

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This version of the classic game of 21 has a twist that will give you a winning edge! You will surely love this game, especially if you're already a blackjack fan. All you need to do is hit 21 or end up with a hand higher than the dealer's hand with any one of five different hands. To start the game you will first need to place your bet. In this game you can bet with either $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, or $10.00. Click on each of the hands in order to play them and you can also click on "Scratch All" to have the computer scratch all the cards off automatically. Are Diamonds Your Best Friend? Play 5 Diamond Blackjack Now!

Play 5 Diamond Blackjack

If you like Blackjack you are going to love this game. If you like scratch card games, you'll love this game too! That's right, 5 Diamond Blackjack is the perfect combination between the intensity of Blackjack and the thrills and excitement of a scratch card game.  5 Diamond Blackjack is an exciting scratch card game that going to give you the juiciest payouts and lots of fun and entertainment.
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How to play:

The goal of 5 Diamond Blackjack is to reveal higher ranking hand than the dealer's. Double your winnings by revealing a Blackjack (21 points). You may win all prizes on the card by revealing a diamond symbol. Choose the betting amount from $1 to $10. You can reveal the numbers by clicking on each "Hand". You can scratch all "Hands" at once by pressing the Scratch All button.

Strategy and Tips:

To make the most of 5 Diamond Blackjack start playing placing low betting amounts. You may raise your bet once you feel more comfortable with the game or every time you see yourself on a winning streak. It is very important to always to keep in mind that 5 Diamond Blackjack is a game of chance. Every time you see yourself in a losing streak, stop for the day and come back some other day when your luck may have changed.


Bet: use the up and down arrows to choose your betting amount from $1 to $10. : press Bet Max to play all credits at once. Diamond: The Diamond symbol will award all prizes on the card. Scratch All: press Scratch All to scratch all cards at once.
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