Fruit Bowl XXV

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Fruit, football and amazing prizes are tossed together at our Fruit Bowl XXV slot machine. This is a hilarious game with not one but two different random progressive jackpots up for grabs. The "Fruit Bowl" bonus feature is activated whenever there are three or more of the "Fruit Bowl XXV" scatter symbols appear and allows you to get past as many of the fruit linebackers as you can! During the bonus round you can activate the win-win feature, which takes effect when you play 25 paylines. So, if you don't get anything to speak of in the bonus feature the win-win is there to make sure that you get a good prize nonetheless. The win-win allows you to get as much as 250x your initial bet. Don't miss your chance to score two progressive jackpots. Play Fruit Bowl XXV Now!

Play Fruit Bowl XXV:

Experience a game of football like no other; the crowd is cheering for the team to conquer the field with a touchdown. Fruit Bowl XXV takes thematic slots to a whole new level of excitement with added features that give away up to 25 times a bet during free games. Run those lucky yards and unlock the Win Win Feature as well as two progressive jackpots that give away great cash prizes as you move through the defense to claim the championship ring.
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How to play:

Fruit Bowl XXV is one of the best online slots in our lineup! It's played on a configurable 1 to 25 payline structure. Players can choose their wagering amounts from a minimum $0.25 to a maximum $125 per turn. After selecting your bet just spin the reels by clicking on the Spin button displayed on the screen. If clicking on every turn is not your thing, you can select the Autoplay feature which makes the computer spin the reels up to 1000 times automatically. The Grape acts as the wild symbol that substitutes all other symbols in a winning combo except the Fruit Bowl Scattered ones. This thematic slot machine features several bonus rounds. When three or more scattered "Fruit Bowl XXV" appear on a normal game, the Fruit Bowl XXV special is triggered. In here, an animated field will come up in which the player has to beat 4 opponents to score a touchdown. Choosing the right move before each turn allows gamers to create a solid strategy and for each opponent beaten, five free games are awarded in exchange. Any tackles during this feature will end the bonus round. Payouts will be awarded according to the selected paylines. As an added value option, the game delivers the Win Win feature. The Win-Win Bonus Feature is displayed at the end of the "Fruit Bowl" Feature if the overall free games win is 10 times the triggering Bet or less. Payouts during the Win Win round vary. If the player didn't win anything on the Fruit Bowl XXV he is awarded a prize of 250x during the Win Win feature. A total free game win greater than 2 times bet and less than or equal to 5 times bet awards a bonus prize of 10 times bet. A total free game win greater than 5 times bet and less than or equal to 10 times bet awards a bonus prize of 5 times bet.

Strategy and Tips:

When dealing with a thematic slot machine for the first time remember that the payout percentage tends to be higher in proportion to the wagering amount. A high bet will boost the odds more favorably for you as the chances of hitting special bonus rounds result in a more dynamic gaming run. Be sure to read the rules first to ensure you have a good knowledge of every prize and how much is it worth in terms of cash awards. Practicing on our free slots section will also help you understand the game better. If a bonus round pops up it is wise to know exactly what you are aiming for; an in-depth knowledge makes the game more fun and exciting.


Wild Symbol: icon that substitutes all other symbols except scattered ones into forming a winning reel series. Scatter: Game logo that triggers the special bonus round. Progressive Jackpot: Accumulative cash balance that is awarded at anytime during regular gameplay. Related Games: Derby Dollars, Field of Green, Golden Glove.
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