Hot Dice

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If you're looking instant fun, and no rules to learn try Hot Dice! This game is a fun, simple scratch card game that is highly amusing. Win free games or money of up to 2000x times your original bet. This game is HOT so be sure to add a few extra ice cubes to your glass of lemonade before you sit down to play Hot Dice. You can bet with $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, and $10.00. Once you set your bet click on the button marked "Play". You will see 5 pairs of dice on the screen that you can now scratch off. Click on each pair to scratch and see what lies underneath. If the Chip symbol is revealed, you will instantly win ALL prizes. Put Out the Fire and Win Big With Hot Dice! Start playing Hot Dice Now!

Play Hot Dice:

Ready for a game that is going to set set your lucky streak on fire?  Hot Dice is flaming hot scratch card game featuring incendiary prizes and lots of fiery adventures.  Hot Dice gives you five chances for you to win some serious cash and bring a big smile back to your face.
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How to play:

The goal of Hot Dice is to reveal two dice on the same line that when added together total a 7 or 11. You may also win by revealing "Chip Symbol". Whenever the dice sum 7 or 11 you win the prize shown on the dice. By revealing a "Chip Symbol" you win all prizes on the card. To start the game simply choose the betting amount from $1 to $10. You can scratch each hat by clicking on hats. You can scratch all hats at once by pressing the Scratch All button.

Strategy and Tips:

To make the most of Hot Dice start playing by placing low betting amounts. You may raise your bet once you feel more comfortable with the game or every time you see you are on lucky streak. It is very important to always to keep in mind that Hot Dice is a game completely based on luck. Every time you see yourself in a losing streak, stop for the day and come back some other day when your luck may have changed.


Bet: use the up and down arrows to choose your betting amount from $1 to $10. : press Bet Max to play all credits at once. Chip Symbol: Chip Symbols will award all prizes on the card. Scratch All: press Scratch All to scratch all cards at once.
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