I, Zombie

State emergency forces had to discharge over 100 units to Mancoon city yesterday, after the escape and outbreak of a genetically contrived, air-born virus from a nearby research facility. In the 24 hours since the initial news, the deadly virus has been reportedly causing severe, almost animalistic behaviors in the victims unfortunate enough to stand in its path. Local eye-witnesses have described seeing citizens of all ages and genders, displaying rabid physicality; foaming at the mouth, bloodshot eyes, and extremely aggressive response patterns to those not infected. Some of these actions including biting, scratching, and projecting strange groaning/hissing sounds. Although little information is known about the severity of the virus, many fear this could be the beginning of a pandemic which could spread to the surrounding cities. Officials are said to be interrogating the facility’s head of research Mr. Brandon Hive on the matter, however; no comments have been made or released yet. Get ready to lose yourself in this, freaky new online game from Slots of Vegas! I, Zombie is an epic 5-reel slot machine with 25 terrifying variable paylines, designed to have even the most fearless of players cowering in their beds at night! If you’re a bit of a zombie fanatic, or just a general lover of all things gory - you’ll absolutely fall in love with I, Zombie as it does exactly what it says on the tin in giving you the ultimate, monstrous experience whilst you play for those huge prizes and rewards! The scatter and substitute symbol in this game are both the I, Zombie icon, whereas the Mirror is your wild. If either of these appear on the reels throughout, you’ll trigger those epic bonus rounds where you’ll be catapulted into a complete pit of free games, free spins and more opportunities to take out those pesky corpses! With a top reward of 7,500 time the bet per line, it won’t be long before I, Zombie becomes one of your (if not THE) favorite online casino game! Register today and get a whopping 250% No Max Bonus + 50 free spins for a $50 deposit or a 275% No Max Bonus + 50 free spins for a $75 deposit, just enter the Bonus Code ROBZOMBIE.
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How to play

I, Zombie is a 5-reel, 25-variable payline online slot, which gives you plenty of chances to win free games and prizes on every turn. You can change the paylines from 1-25. The coin size is also adjustable, allowing you to customize the bet size to suit your bankroll.

Strategy and tips

I, Zombie is designed to accommodate both penny slot enthusiasts and those who like to spend a little bit more on each spin of the reels. A 5-reel title with 25 paylines makes it possible to keep the wagers for the game low or go high if your bankroll allows. The Autoplay feature is convenient and easy to use; just set a bet level, determine how many spins you want to play, and enjoy watching as your prizes and free games continue to increase.


Wild Symbol: I, Zombie Scatter Symbol: Mirror I, Zombie does come with a few rules worth noting! Like many slot games, this one works with 5 reels along with 25 variable paylines. The I, Zombie icon is your wild symbol in this game, whereas the Mirror symbol represents the scatter. If you want to indulge in an array of free games, these are the 2 symbols you need to display at least 3 of, in order to trigger these bonus rounds. If you happen to collect any additional Wilds or Scatters during these free games – you’ll gain an extra 2 games. 4 scatters will double your prizes, 5 or more will triple them! Any retriggers during these rounds, will also lead to additional free games for you to lap up and enjoy! All symbols in this game play left to right, with the exception of the scatter symbols, which pay regardless of where they appear on the reels.
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