Ever wonder what it's like to win the lottery? What if we told you that you could win over and over again—instantly? And would you believe us if we told you that you could turn your picked numbers into instant cash—all from the comfort of your home? That's the basis of online Keno games at Slots of Vegas. And instead of waiting all week for the big draw, it happens instantly, right after you select your numbers. Read on to see how easy it is to play and win Keno at Slots of Vegas. Play This Easy, Fun & Rewarding Game Now!

Enjoy Free Keno Games

Before we tell you how to play Keno online, you probably want to know how much it costs to play. At Slots of Vegas, the answer is nothing. That's because we offer free Keno games, which you can access directly from this page. And if you want to win for real money, you can do that too by downloading our free software and registering for a free account. It's that easy.
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How to play Keno

You won't find an easier game to understand or play than online Keno. It's one of the easier games to play at Slots of Vegas. Here's how to play Keno online:
  • You'll be presented with a board of 80 numbers.
  • You choose up to 15 numbers. You don't have to select all 15.
  • The online keno machine draws 20 numbers, randomly.
  • If your number hits, it's marked in yellow. If it doesn't, you'll see a big red X.
  • You get paid out based on how many numbers you've hit.

Keno Strategy And Tips

Just like playing the lottery, keno comes with superstitions. Some believe strongly in the power of personal numbers. So consider playing numbers that are meaningful to you, like birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestone dates. Once you've decided on your numbers, write them down. When you're ready to play a free keno game, play those numbers. And when you return to play later, try the same numbers. It's way more fun than playing a Quick Pick, and you'll be able to figure out whether personal numbers is the best Keno strategy for you.

Keno Glossary

Play 10: Keno players love speed, so our Play 10 features speeds up the game for you. We'll take care of launching 10 games in a row, and all you have to do is sit back to see if you've won. Play 5: It's like Play 10, only it involves half the excitement (yup, you'll play five games in a row). Play 1: In the mood for just one game? Select your numbers and hit Play to play just one Keno game. Clear: Not happy with your numbers? Hitting Clear will literally clear the board for you. Quick Pick: Can't decide which numbers are special? Let us pick the numbers for you. Ready to play keno for free? Get your free Slots of Vegas account and play one of the most popular casino games of all time!
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