Mystery Bonus Poker

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This fun and popular game combines a slot machine and a video poker machine into one fantastic game. You can either aim for the regular best winning poker hand combination or you can aim for the rewarding Mystery Bonus. What makes Mystery Bonus Poker special is that players can choose whether they want to play the traditional way and aim to get the best poker hand or aim for a Mystery Bonus by spinning the Mystery Bonus reel. When they click "Deal" the bonus reel is spun revealing a special highlight. The player can then choose to go for the newly revealed Mystery Bonus highlight or to go for the best poker hand (using the rest of the paytable). Solve this Mystery and Win Big Play Mystery Bonus Poker Now!

Play Mystery Bonus Poker:

With Mystery Bonus Poker you will have all the excitement and thrills of a slot machine game and all the entertainment of a standard Poker game. With Mystery Bonus Poker you will not only enjoy the exquisite payouts of a standard Video Poker game but will also enjoy a bonus that will make you win the big bucks.
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How to play:

The goal of Mystery Bonus Poker is to come up with a winning poker hand as listed in the pay table. In Mystery Bonus Poker you will be dealt five cards. Keep the cards that you think will help you get that winning hand. The Mystery Bonus Poker wheel will spin every time a hand is dealt. The Mystery Bonus Poker wheel will award a very special prize for a specific hand which is chosen randomly. You may play Mystery Bonus Poker with one coin or even three coins at a time.

Strategy and Tips:

Mystery Bonus Poker is a game of wits and strategy. By following the strategies and tips below you will be able to increase your chances at winning a lot more cash:
  • If you are looking to get a Straight, keep the cards that are in sequence.
  • If you are looking to make three or four of a kind hand don't keep two pairs.
  • Whenever possible play with the Max Bet to make the most of your wins.


Draw Deal: this button will deal five cards to you. Bet One: press Bet One if you wish to play with just one coin. Bet Max: press Bet Max if you wish to play with five coins at a time. Cash Out: press Cash-Out to return the coins you have placed in the machine back to your chip stack.
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