Nova 7s

You put on your spacesuit; the helmet closes with a hiss. You’re in the airlock now, and you can see the vastness of space just inches away from your eyes. The door slides open, and you pull yourself along the outside of your ship, surrounded by the light of the cosmos…. We can’t send you on a mission to Mars, but Nova 7s can get you one step closer to exploring the galaxy (and more importantly, can make you some cash). Place your bet, take a spin, and win big with Nova 7s, a 5-reel slot with 25 pay-lines and expanding wilds. The music is epic, the visuals are enchanting and best of all, you can win 38,073x the line bet.
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How to play

To get started playing Nova 7s, place your bet: you can adjust your bet from the minimum amount to the maximum using the up and down arrows; the bet won’t be locked in until you hit the Spin button. Now you’re ready to hit Spin. When the reels stop, you’ll get paid out for any matching symbols. If you want to speed up the game a bit, turn on AutoPlay; it’ll get the reels moving automatically after you’ve been paid out for any wins.

Strategy and tips

Developing a solid strategy for modern slots games is particularly difficult, because all games are built around a random number generator that ensures no predictable patterns emerge. As a result, the best way to get the most out of your time with Nova 7s is to evaluate your bankroll and choose a wager that will allow for a solid play session, regardless of whether you get on a hot streak or have a run of bad luck.


Red 7s: When a Red 7 appears, it’s wild; it counts for all symbols except scatters. • Solar Flare: Any Red 7 on reels two or four may completely cover those reels. • Nova: Any Red 7 on reel three may multiply every win by seven. • Supernova: Any Red 7 that goes “Nova” may also completely cover the reel. • Hypernova: A “Solar Flare” on reel two may completely cover reels one and two; if it’s on reel four, it may completely cover reels four and five. Blue 7s: When three or more Blue 7s appear, the “Free Games” feature is activated. Scatter wins are added to line wins and multiplied by total bet (up to 38,073x per line!) Pick a 7 and activate one of four possible features. • Nova 7 Feature: Seven free games are added. • Supernova 7 Feature: Triggers the Nova 7 Feature, AND all prizes are multiplied by seven. • Hypernova 7 Feature: Triggers the Supernova 7 Feature, AND any Red 7 expanding over reel three triggers a re-spin after pay is awarded, with reel three remaining in place. • Hypernova Extreme: Triggers the Hypernova 7 Feature, AND Red 7s on reel three will always expand.
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