Operation M.Y.O.W.

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While it sounds like the code name for some top secret mission, Operation M.Y.O.W simply means Make Your Own Wins. This unique 3-reel game is all about making your own wins and we'll explain exactly what that entails. First you need to choose the amount you'd like to bet with and buy a chip for that purpose. You can bet up to 3 different coins per game and in order to win the maximum prizes at each level you will have to bet max (which isn't a whole lot when it comes to this game). You can buy chips for $1.00, $25.00 or $100.00 and you can cashout any time and the money will be returned to your balance. Play Now and Make Your Own Win Happen!

Play Operation M.Y.O.W.:

How about a slot machine game where you choose your own payouts? That's what Operation M.YO.W is all about, Making Your Own Win!  Come and experience this one of a kind slot machine that comes filled with great adventures and the juiciest payouts.  Operation M.Y.O.W is a three reel slot machine that is going to make you win your own way!
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How to play:

The goal of Operation M.Y.O.W is to line up the matching symbols on the payline. You can chose choose your own pay table and chose what combinations make you win by simply shifting between pay table by clicking on the "Next Pay Table" button.

Strategy and Tips:

Operation M.Y.O.W is a game of chance but you can follow a couple of tips to make the most of this exciting slot machine:
  • Make sure you chose the pay table with the highest payouts.
  • To maximize your wins play with three coins whenever possible.
  • Set a bankroll and do not exceed once you have played it all. Knowing when to stop is will save you from having big losses.
  • Play free slots before playing for real money in order to get a feeling of the game and how to bet in order to achieve better results.


Bet One: press Bet One to play once single coin. Play 3 Credits: press "Play 3 Credits" to play with three coins at once. Cash Out: press "Cash Out" to return the coins placed in the slot machine back to your chip stack.
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