Red Dog

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Why it's called Red Dog no one seems to know but if you are ready to learn a simple game that's also tons of fun then this is the game for you. This popular table game uses the standard 52 card deck and is similar to the game Acey-Deucey. What you want to do in this game is get a third card dealt to you that falls somewhere in between the value of the first two. To get started all you need to do is make your bet and click "Deal". You'll then be dealt two cards face up. If the cards are consecutive then this is known as a push so you get your money back. If the cards are the same, the dealer automatically draws a third. The good news is if the third card is the same then you win a payout of 11:1. Now that's something to get excited about! With Payouts of Up to 11:1 This Game is No Dog. Start Winning Now With Red Dog!

Play Red Dog:

The time has come to take on the mad red dog and turn into a harmless puppy that will fetch you the juiciest payouts.  Red Dog is one of the most exciting games that could ever been found at a online casino. Red Dog is easy to understand as well as easy to make the big bucks with.  Don't wait any longer come and experience this game of big thrills and huge payouts now!
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How to play:

The goal of Red Dog is to draw a third rank that is ranked between the first two. The smaller the spread is, the higher the payout will be. At the beginning of each hand, place a bet and then press the Deal button. Once the button is pressed, the player will be dealt two cards. To be dealt the third card the player can press Continue or Raise the bet by the original amount. If the third card dealt is ranked between the first two, the player wins. In case of a tie the bet gets pushed back to the player. Red Dog will award an amazing payout of 11:1 for 3's of a kind.

Strategy and Tips:

Red Dog can be very profitable and knowing when to double your bet is essential to making that chip stack grow bigger and bigger. Every time you see a very wide spread between the cards don't hesitate and double your bet. For any other bet, don't play your chances and do not double your bet as your loss will be greater than the potential gain. Remember to practice beforehand in order to get a better understanding of the game and its rules. You can do so at our Instant Play section, where you can enjoy this and many other games, including free slots and more.


Deal: once you have place you bet or bets, press Deal to be dealt the cards. Continue: press Continue to be dealt the third card without raising your bet. Raise: press Raise if you wish to double your bet and be dealt the third card.
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