Sevens Wild

What makes Sevens Wild different from its other video poker counterparts is simply that here, the 7 card acts as a wild card and they can be used to complete any winning hand combination, making it easier for you to score big prizes. This popular video poker game is based on the popular card game 5 Card Poker. The basic goal of this game is to get the best possible poker hand with the cards that the computer deals. This is a great way to learn the basics of table poker as well! The Royal Flush wins the jackpot (with or without the use of the wild card). Play Sevens Wild and See if Seven is Your Lucky Number Play Sevens Wild Now!

Play Sevens Wild:

Seven Wild Video Poker is the perfect combination between a thinker's game and the excitement and thrills of quick payouts of a slot machine. In Seven Wilds you will find the most entertaining way of playing a video poker game with the possibilities of winning up to 4000 times the original bet.
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How to play:

The goal of Sevens Wild is to come up with a winning poker hand matching the pay table. In Sevens Wild 7's serve as wild cards and will substitute for any other card in a winning combination. There are special payouts for five of a kind cards, Wild Royals and four of a kind 7's. A Royal Flush will pay up to 4000 times the original bet.

Strategy and Tips:

Sevens Wild, just like any other Poker game, is all about using the right strategies. In Sevens Wild you should always hold any Wild 7's as they will serve as wild cards in winning combinations. When you are dealt card that you don't think will help you form a winning combination, don't keep any cards and hope the next round of cards will bring a winning combination. If you want to increase your chances of winning, make sure to play on our instant version first, where you can play this and many other games, including free slots.


Draw Deal: press Draw Deal to start the game and be dealt 5 cards. Bet Max: press Bet Max to play all credits at once. Bet One: press Bet One to play one credit at a time. Cash Out: the cash out button returns all the money back to your bankroll before any cards are drawn.
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