Super 21

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Super 21 takes all the things you love about classic Blackjack and makes them, well, super! No wonder game is also known as Super Fun 21. This popular game offers superb payouts that are anything but boring. Super 21 also allow players to double down on their starting hand, surrender at any time in the game, and also split pairs. The dealer has to hit in soft 17 but best of all player blackjacks always win! So, how does Super 21 differ from classic blackjack? Well for starters the player automatically wins if they have 6 or more cards with a total of 21 points. This is true even when the dealer has a blackjack. The game also allows players to split hands up to four times and the player's blackjack always wins. Ready to have Super Fun? Then play Super 21 now!

Play Super 21:

Want 21 reasons to have a great time? Come and play Super 21 and have a blast as you enjoy a game of strategy and wits.  Super 21 is a very intense variation of standard Blackjack. Super 21 follows the same rules as in standard Black and offers special payouts a Diamond Black, Five-card 21 and a Six-card 21.  Come and experience a game of thrills and awesome payouts.
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How to play:

The goal of Super 21 is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over. At the beginning of each game of Super 21, the player makes their initial bet and receives two cards face-up. The dealer one card face up and a second card face-down. While playing a hand you may Hit or Stand, Double or Split during your turn, as long as the value of your hand has not exceeded 21. Once the value of your hand exceeds 21, you lose or bust. If there is a tie your cards get pushed back to you.

Strategy and Tips:

Super 21 is very easy to play game, the rules are simple and if you are completely focused on the game, you may actually win lots of cash. Super 21 is a game of strategy and beating the odds is very possible if you follow a few simple rules. It is very important to always remember that the dealer will always stand on a hand of 17 or better. Do not split pairs of 10's an tempting as it may seem. The risk is far greater than the possible reward.


Deal: once you have place you bet, press Deal to be dealt the cards. Hit: press Hit if you want another card to be dealt to you. Fold: press Fold if don't want to play your had. By folding you automatically lose... Stand: press Stand if you wish to play with the cards you already have. Double: press Double to be dealt one more card and double your bet. Split: whenever you get two cards of the same value you may press the Split button to separate the two cards and play with more hands. Super 21 is a Blackjack variation that is only available at select online casinos like Slots of vegas. You can play Super 21 at Slots of vegas instantly without having to download any software and it only gets better: play Super 21 free at Slots of vegas through our free games section.
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