Vegas Three Card Rummy

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vegas 3 Card Rummy is as it name suggests played with only three cards. There is also a bet that players can make on the side but we'll come back to that in a minute. What you need to know to get started is that this game is played with points and each card has a value assigned to it which ranges from zero to ten. In the end you want to finish the game with a hand that has fewer points than the dealer. When the cards are dealt the player gets 3 cards dealt face up and 3 down. The dealer's hand must be worth 20 points or less in order for to win. A Fun Twist on an Old Favorite Play vegas Three Card Rummy Now!

Play Vegas Three Card Rummy:

vegas Three Card Rummy is one of the most interesting variations of standard Poker. Instead of trying the get the highest score, in vegas Three Card Rummy you win the juiciest prizes by scoring the least amount of points. vegas Three Card Rummy will also get you making the big bucks with a very special side bet that is won by getting a hand matching the pay table.
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How to play:

The goal of vegas Three Card Rummy is to score fewer points than the dealer. At the beginning of each hand an Ante bet has to be placed as well as a bonus bet if desired. Once the bets have been placed, the player will be dealt three card face-up and the dealer is given three cards face-down. To reveal the dealer's hand you have to bet an amount equal to the Ante bet. If you do not wish to continue you may fold. By folding you automatically lose your Ante bet and the side bet if any was placed.

Strategy and Tips:

Keep in mind that the dealer's hand does not qualify if he gets a score higher than 20. It is advised to raise your bet if you get a score that is lower than 20. Therefore, do not raise your bet if your hand is higher than 20. Whenever possible play the Bonus bet as it will award payouts of up to 100:1!


Deal: once you have place you bet or bets, press Deal to be dealt the cards. Bet: press Bet if you wish to continue playing and raise your bet by the same Ante amount. Fold: press Fold if you think your hand won't beat the dealer's. The key to winning vegas Three Card Rummy is simply to end up with fewer points than the dealer. Sounds easy? It is! Play this great game INSTANTLY for free at Slots of vegas. Play vegas Three Card Rummy in its free-money version or the real-money version available 24/7!
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